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Danbury Whalers & The Leukemia Lymphoma Society Team Up for Blood Cancer Awareness Night

Danbury Whalers & The Leukemia Lymphoma Society Team Up for Blood Cancer Awareness Night

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JANUARY 30, 2012 – The Danbury Whalers and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) have teamed up for an evening of fun for the whole family at the Danbury Ice Arena. LLS will be promoting blood cancer awareness. A portion of tickets sold benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s mission: Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

Please join LLS and the Danbury Whalers on Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 5:05pm. Tickets are $15 per person. Tickets to the game must be purchased in advance through LLS by calling the Connecticut Chapter office at 203-665-1400.  The evening will also include a chuck a puck promotion and a silent auction with Whaler experiences and memorabilia to be auctioned off to benefit LLS.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society ® (LLS) is the world’s largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer. LLS funds lifesaving blood cancer research around the world and provides free information and support services.

::Kristen Angell | Campaign Coordinator, Light The Night & Special Events

:: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – CT Chapter | 372 Danbury Rd., Ste. 200, Wilton, CT 06897
:: 203-665-1400 | VOIP/Ext 1415 | |

Save The Date:

Hops & Grapes, Toasts & Tastes – Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pineapple Classic 5K w/ obstacles – Saturday, May 19, 2012


BHS Swim Team Collects First Win


BHS Swim team, photo credit Robert Rogers

In a very exciting meet, the Bethel Swim team scored a 96-90 win over Platt/Maloney. Despite over a two hour bus ride which found them a little lost, BHS collected their first win of the season and their first road win since 2008. The “Boys” Bethel Swim team is the most unique team in the state, fielding a majority of girls on their roster for their ninth consecutive year and this meet challenged Bethel’s 9 boys and 28 girls versus the 35 boys of the Meriden Co-Op team.

Highlights in the first half events saw state qualifier sophomore Tucker Bjornson (200 Free) and freshman star Olivia Wootton (200IM) collecting first places. Sarah Whalen (200IM) and Kevin Gallagher (50 Free) collected seconds and Katie Bozzuti, Aiden Ford, Juliana Bell, James Canfield, Chris Wong and Cara Bernardo also collected points. Alex Nackid and Julia Morton took 3rd and 4th in diving.

Bethel was down 53-41 at the half, but a big comeback was planned in Bethel’s lineup. Gallagher and Canfield took 1st and 2nd in the 100 Free and the 500 Free trios of Whalen, Bozzuti and Molly Nichols came up huge with a 2-3-4 finish.

The next two events would be Bethel’s best events; taking 1st in the 200 Free Relay with (Wong, Bjornson, Canfield and Gallagher) and the 100 Back with a 1-2-4 with Bjornson winning by almost half pool length, followed by Wootton and Ford. Bethel took an 80-76 lead and found themselves trying to hold off an opponent for the first time in the season.

The 100 Breast split points with Molly Nichols, Johnny Esposito and Davidson Abiali taking a 2-3-5 places, leaving the last event; 400 Free Relay; to decide the winner. The BHS team of Wootton, Gallagher, Canfield and Bjornson won by over a pool length with their season fastest of 3:54.01.

BHS is now 1-7 and faces last year’s state champions Pomperaug this Tuesday at WCSU at 4pm.

Bethel High School Sports Teams Fight Back Against Cancer

Bethel High School Sports Teams Fight Back Against Cancer

Bethel High School girl's team photo credit, Kelly Stewart.

The following press relase was sent from Relay For Life Bethel representative Kelly Stewart–

Bethel high school basketball coaches Ray Turek and Christin Morgatto are getting their teams involved in the fight against cancer by hosting Coaches vs. Cancer events. Coaches vs. Cancer is an initiative started by the National Association of Basketball Coaches to benefit the American Cancer Society. The program empowers coaches, their teams, and local communities to make a difference in the fight against cancer and uses the personal experiences, community leadership, and professional excellence of coaches nationwide to increase cancer awareness through year-round fundraising activities, and advocacy programs.

Coach Morgatto’s girls team will be hosting their Coaches vs. Cancer event  on Friday, February 10 – which will also be the night they honor their senior players.

Coach Morgatto said, “We have lots of activities planned for the evening . It will be a very special night.”

The team will be wearing pink t-shirts and have a special pink bake sale to benefit the American Cancer Society. There will be a half-time raffle and the team will also be selling Wall of Hope cards in honor/memory of those who have battled cancer.

Seniors Casey Oberhammer, Autumn Sorice and Stephanie Forese will be honored at the game and will also be spokespersons at half-time.

The boys team, coached by Ray Turek will host their Coaches vs. Cancer event on Friday, February 3. They will also be selling the Wall of Hope cards and will have a half-time raffle as well. Coach Turek said the team will be sporting pink laces in honor of the cause.

The basketball teams join other Bethel sports teams who have hosted fundraising events for the American Cancer Society. Coach Katie McGown and the field hockey team , Coach Mitch Trainor, Coach Alicia Trinklein and the girls soccer team and Coach Jason Gill and the football team all hosted great events in the fall.

Kelly Stewart, the American Cancer Society’s Coordinator for the Coaches vs. Cancer program and a Bethel resident, said she is very proud of Bethel High School’s participation. “When you see this many teams at one school joining in the fight against cancer, it says a lot about the community you live in.”

Please come to the games and support the teams and the fight against cancer.

Bethel Boys – Friday, Feb. 3 vs. Brookfield, BHS gym 7:00pm

Bethel Girls – Friday, Feb. 10 vs. Stratford, BHS gym  7:00 pm

Bethel Resident Heads Up Lawsuit Against Abbott Tech For Alleged Misappropriation of Student Funds

Bethel Resident Heads Up Lawsuit Against Abbott Tech For Alleged Misappropriation of Student Funds

Photo contributed,

The following is a press release sent in by Daniel R. Gaita–

Bethel, CT, Jan 25, 2012:  Several Henry Abbott Technical School Graduates from the class of 1992 are planning to execute legal action and possible criminal charges following notification by State School officials that their student funds, which had been collected between 1988-1992 for use in their 20th year high school reunion are gone.

While preparing for their upcoming 20th year reunion, dozens of 1992 graduates were horrified when they were told by State School Official, Mr. Robert F. Lombardi that the money was not there even though school administrators had always promised the funds would be held for their 5th and 20th reunion.

Following this notification, Abbott Tech Class of 1992, Student Representative, Dan Gaita initiated a Freedom of Information Act Request asking where the money went.

In reply, Connecticut Technical High School System, District Counsel, Beatrice A. Tinty notified Mr. Gaita that as of June 30th, 1998 the class had a balance of $9,741.68 but as of July 31st, 1999 the money was gone. Ms. Tinty, in her reply later stated:

We are searching to determine if there are any financial reports such as bank records/transfer records reflecting the justification for the decrease. We will continue to research the transaction(s) that resulted in the closure of this account and the transfer of the remaining balance sometime between June 30, 1999 and July 31, 2000.”

Every year from 1988-1992 Class dues in the amount of $35 had been collected from each student and deposited into a specific class of 1992 account. Following graduation the class had a remaining balance of $13,648.10 and had later used $5,252.50 for their 5 year class reunion. The account also accrued interest in the amount of $1,390.08 throughout the period.

None of the student body or prior class officers had ever been notified that the funds were removed, re-appropriated, or re-invested. They were shocked when they were told it was gone.

The execution of legal action is pending the outcome of a recent inquiry by multiple 1992 graduates and the ongoing investigation by the District Counsel for the Connecticut Technical High School System.

The pending action claims that Fraud, Negligent Misrepresentation, Intentional Misrepresentation and Misappropriation of Funds have been committed by the School Administration or State School Officials.

Any other graduating classes prior to 1997 affected by these same actions are encouraged to contact Dan Gaita at so that they too may find out if the same has occurred to their funds and to also join in any future legal action specific to the same claims.

Bethel VNA Health Van Schedule

Bethel VNA Health Van Schedule

Photo/logo courtesy of the Bethel VNA

The following press release was sent in by the Bethel Visiting Nurse Association–

The GREATER DANBURY COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER MOBILE HEALTH VAN will provide access to primary Medical, Dental and Behavioral Health care to residents from the surrounding communities.  The BETHEL VISITING NURSE ASSOCIATION located at 70 Stony Hill Rd., Bethel will host the van in their parking lot on the following Wednesdays in  February.

February 1st                                    9:30am to 12:00pm

February 8th                       9:30am to 12:00pm

February 22nd                    9:30am to 12:00pm

February 29th                     9:30am to 12:00pm

On February 15th the van will be at the Bethel Senior Center, 1 School St., Bethel. There is a sliding fee schedule based on family income. For more information please call 203-743-0100  – ext 342.

The Bethel Visiting Nurse Association  is a nonprofit organization, whose nurses and volunteers have provided skilled and compassionate home health care for more than 80 years to patients of all ages and incomes.  Bethel VNA has deep roots in the community,  live locally and have years of experience. Their longstanding relationships with local physicians and community organizations help keep patients in the comforts of their own homes and out of the hospital. 

LeRoy NY Mystery Illness Spreads and Baffles

LeRoy NY Mystery Illness Spreads and Baffles by Dr. Russell D. Caram

Editor’s Note: Dr. Russell D. Caram is one of our local sponsors who shares weekly articles on Bethel Buzz. Material in this article is meant to provide information about Chiropractic but is not a substitute for professional health care.  The opinions represented in this article do not necessarily reflect those of Bethel Buzz or its editor.

Last week I wrote about the 12 LeRoy NY teenagers and the spontaneous, simultaneous tics they developed over the fall.  The number is now up to 17 (16 girls and now one boy) but some of the parameters cry out for more questioning about how this is being handled and what we were told.

So, 5 more cases… When we left off last week, we were told by the NYS Dept. of Health and the CDC that the problem was to be narrowed down to 4 possibilities: Environmental, Genetic, Infectious Disease and Recreational/Prescription Drug use. After their analysis, they ruled out all of those potential causes. The residents there were told there was nothing they needed to change and no precautions they needed to take – which infuriated the parents AND patients. It also lead to more questions and a backlash of disbelief, considering that they stated that they ‘knew’ what it was.

The differences now?  1) One boy is involved. Given that bit of information, we’re still left off with the possibility of vaccine-injury. Not just Gardasil, but also perhaps the mixing of several vaccines given at that age – OR with the conjunction of several vaccines all being administered at the same time. Gardasil is still a possibility, since it’s being pressured onto boys of the same age now – and has been for about a year. I think we’re all assuming that the big Health Departments checked on and dismissed recreational drug use.  As mentioned previously, I don’t have the medical records of these kids to know what vaccines they’ve had or haven’t had. I’m just making an attempt to put together the pieces of what is known to us.  However, given what profit Merck could lose by this bad publicity (if it was Gardasil), one could understand why people could be pressed to look the other way.

2) Cases are now in different counties. Saratoga County has 2 cases but is about 250 miles away from LeRoy.  Is this significant?  Possibly…but it is yet to be determined if the affected kids in Saratoga were in (or near) LeRoy, OR if these are just 2 random cases…meaning that since cases DO occur all the time, is this just a coincidence (based on timing, age, and proximity) or is there more? Also, if they WERE in or near LeRoy NY, then the CDC/NYS Dept. of Health exclusion of an environmental cause would be considered a bit premature, and would need to be questioned as to why the ‘all clear’ was signaled in the first place.

3) From the statements of the affected girls, their symptoms are worsening, and that’s with the treatment for Conversion Disorder. This is a curious development, but also a very telling one.  Generally, when an accepted form of treatment is administered for a condition, progress would expect to be seen – and possibly should have been – by this time. Considering that it hasn’t you must conclude that either the treatment is ineffective, or the diagnosis you’re treating is wrong.  I personally believe the latter…simply because if the treatment for Conversion Disorder is therapy and “de-stressing” these kids and it’s not working, then you question the treatment and the diagnosis.  And it’s not like these cases aren’t being watched closely either, or that they have ‘less-than-competent’ therapists/physicians working them. They do.  So, why the ineffectiveness of treatment unless you’re treating the wrong thing?

4) I’ve seen the latest news about LeRoy, and that a high-publicity environmental activist is also looking into this.  Yeah, I understand that just will draw more attention to it – and good for her for bringing it. This will definitely expose any environmental concerns of LeRoy, which it already has. According to the EPA, there was a train derailment that occurred in 1970, spilling cyanide and trichloroethylene within 3 miles of where the high school currently stands.  Is that significant?  Possibly… depends on air, water and soil patterns.  How stuff flows, blows and gets moved. If the CDC/NYS Dept. of Health did signal an “all clear” in LeRoy, one would assume they would have taken air/dirt/water samples, had them tested and the results returned in order to allay the fears of the residents?

Given the turn this has taken, it seems like the previously dismissed ‘environmental’ cause now needs to be re-examined and re-introduced into the potential list of causes. So, that added to the differentials list along with vaccine-injuries, and now we’re down to a possible list of causes – and sadly, all of them toxic compounds known to be damaging to human cells (and carcinogenic to human beings).  But the question hanging over that is the timing…how so many girls all from the same school (with the exception of Saratoga’s two) were drastically affected in such a short time.

I personally don’t see this situation ending with good news, but fear not…the NIH (National Institute of Health) is now offering to evaluate these 17 kids– just when you thought 2 governmental agencies was enough.

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