13-year-old Sends Anonymous Letter to Help Sandy Hook Victims

13-year-old Sends Anonymous Letter to Help Sandy Hook Victims


A 13-year-old Sandy Hook girl sent the following letter to Bethel Buzz to ask for help for the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting–

As you know, our beautiful town, Sandy Hook, CT has suffered a great loss. For many of us in town, as shock changes into reality, we find ourselves feeling helpless and wanting to find some way to help our friends and neighbors who lost loved ones on Friday, December 14th. There are vigils in town and vigils taking place all over the world to mourn the beautiful children and educators that were lost on this tragic day.

My friend lost her little brother. I don’t know if there is anything I can ever say or do that will make her feel better. As time goes on I want her to know that people all over the country and the world are thinking of her brother and the other victims and their families. I want her to know that everyone mourns with her and that her brother will never be forgotten. I want her to know that this tragedy has touched the lives of people everywhere.

So that she will always know that someone somewhere is thinking of her brother I am asking this – Please choose a day in the next two weeks to wear green and white, Sandy Hook Elementary School’s colors. Gather with friends or family, your Scout troop, your class, a dance troupe, a sports team, whoever you want. Please take a picture and send it to me at this address…. (peaceloveandcupcakes@charter.net) Include the first names of everyone in the picture, your town and State and what kind of group you are. If you would like to include a short personal note or prayer, that would be wonderful as well.

I would like to compile a book for each of the 26 families who lost loved ones here in town. I want them to know how many people have prayed for them and are here to help ease their pain in the days ahead.

Please pass this information along to family and friends near and far.

Once again, the email to send pictures to is: peaceloveandcupcakes@charter.net (peace love and cupcakes)

Thank you,
Sandy Hook, CT


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