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Stony Hill Four Corners’ Hawleyville Tree Lighting Sunday Helps Children, Honors Friends

Stony Hill Four Corners’ Hawleyville Tree Lighting Sunday Helps Children, Honors Friends

Santa & Mrs. Claus. Photo credit: Stony Hill Four Corners Association.

Santa & Mrs. Claus. Photo credit: Stony Hill Four Corners Association.

The Stony Hill Four Corners Association will host their 3rd Annual Hawleyville Tree Lighting this Sunday, December 2nd, from 5:30-6:30p.m at the Hawleyville Post Office Plaza, 23 Barnabus Road, Newtown. All are welcome to attend and get into the holiday spirit with sounds of the season sung by the Saint Rose Contemporary Choir and Wayne Lane. Ultra Violet Productions Childrens’ Theatre Troupe will be dressed as Whos and sing songs from Whoville. Guests are asked to bring an unwrapped gift or toy for the Newtown Fund, a non-profit volunteer organization that provides assistance to local residents and their families.   

The charitable event will also honor two friends of Hawleyville who passed away earlier this year, Bucky Dean and Charles Speidel. Robert S. “Bucky” Dean was proud to be a dedicated member of the Hawleyville Volunteer Fire Department and served in the United States Army, stationed in Germany. Charles F. Speidel was involved in the “Save the Hawleyville Post Office” campaign. Charlie purchased a new flagstaff for the old Hawleyville Post Office and supplied new flags for the old Hawleyville Post Office for the last 14 years. At the opening of the new post office he was given the honor of raising the flag for the first time.

The Hawleyville Volunteer Fire Department  will escort Santa & Mrs. Claus  while people can enjoy refreshments donated by  the following Hawleyville businesses:

*Pizza from Papa Al’s
*Sparkling Wine from Hawleyville Wine & Liquor
*Fortune Cookies from New Main Moon Restaurant
*Hot Chocolate from Big Buddha Cigar Lounge & the Hawleyville Post Office

The Stony Hill Four Corners Association is comprised of businesses between exits 8 and 9 in both Hawleyville / Newtown and Stony Hill / Bethel.   All businesses and organizations in the area are welcome to join. Click here for more information.


Congratulations to Gilleóghan Irish Dancers on Their Wins in the 2012 New England Oireachtas

Congratulations to Gilleóghan Irish Dancers on Their Wins in the 2012 New England Oireachtas
Gilleóghan Results from the 2012 New England Oireachtas, Providence, RI 11/16-11/18
Background: Oireachtas (pronounded O-rock-tas) is the annual regional irish dance event held world wide by each designated region. In North America there are 7 regions; New England, MidAtlantic, MidAmerica, Southern, Western, Eastern Canada and Western Canada. Although most National competitions world wide provide a qualifying spot for top dancers in their age group, the primary source of earning a world qualifying spot is a dancer’s home region. The results of each Oireachtas is as followed; the top 50% of dancers competing in each age group will recall after their hard and soft shoe rounds and return back for a third heavy shoe set dance round. Out of this top 50%, 5 dancers for the first 20 entered in total will qualify for worlds and an additional spot will be added per every additional 10 dancers entered. (For example a competition of 50 girls would have 8 qualifying spots). Also, any competitor with a previous world medaled earned at the previous year’s World Championships gets an automatic qualifying spot for the next year, giving their age group an additional spot regardless of the competition size. All dancers who have qualified for the 2013 World Championships (Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne) will be traveling to Boston, MA to compete for a week-long event beginning March 24, 2013.
Solo Competitions – * indicates a World Qualifier, 15 in total for Gilleóghan
    • Girls U10:  Jillian Collins* – 3rd place
                        Carolyn Cardell*- 5th place
      • Girls U11: Nora Rose Ahern*- 1st place
      • Girls U12: Meaghan Lynn*- 6th place
        • Girls U14: Nicole Greco*- 9th place
                        Maura Whaley- 22nd place
          • Girls U15: Julia Murphy*-3rd place
                        Clare Ahern*- 5th place
                        Caitlin Teeking*-12th place
                        Alyssa Enright- 26th
                        Kassie Seavy- 31st place
            • Girls U16: Breanna Ahern*- 2nd place
                        Marie Benton- 14th place
              • Girls U17: Megan Teeking- 17th place
                        Erin Murphy- 19th place
                • Girls U18Hali Thorne* 1st place
                • Boys U14: Colin Vecchiariello*- 1st place
                • Men 18-20: Ryan Murphy*- 4th place
Team Awards:
Girls 4hand Ceili U12A2nd place (Rory Bach, Sarah Scofield, Nora Ahern,  Meaghan Lynn
Girls 4hand Ceili U12B:
9th Erin Marie Smith, Jillian Collins, Bridget Kager, Colleen Stapleton
Mixed 4hand Ceili U12:
1st place Aidan Vizi, Carolin Taylor, Meaghan Lynn, Nora Ahern
Girls 4hand U15A:
2nd place Clare Ahern, Caitlin Teeking, Kassie Seavy, Nicole Greco
Girls 4hand U15B:
4th place Sophie Jones, Alyssa Enright, Katherine Archer, Julia Murphy
14th place Sadie Elkow, Keri Vecchiariello, Olivia Morin, Emama Taylor
Mixed 4hand U15:
3rd place Aidian Vizi, Colin Vecchiariello, Kassie Seavy, Nicole Greco
Girls 4hand Ceili Over 15A:
6th place Marie Benton, Alyssa Enright, Hali Thorne, Erin Murphy
8th place Katherine Archer, Megan Borowy, Hayleigh Rapp, Melissa Budiccini
Girls 4hand Ceili Over 15B:
5th place Breanna Ahern, Bridget Teeking, Caitlin Teeking, Megan Teeking
Mixed 4hand Ceili Over 15:
2nd place Megan Borowy, Matt Mulvey, Kent Rapp, Julia Murphy
6th place Ryan Murphy, Billy Keller, Erin Murphy, Melissa Budiccinni
Girls 8hand U12B:
10th place Rory Bach, Sarah Scofield, Nora Ahern, Colleen Stapelton, Meaghan Lynn, Jillian Collins, Erin Marie Smith, Bridget Kager
Girls 8hand U15: 
6th place Keri Vecchiariello, Olivia Morin, Meaghan Lynn, Caitlin Teeking, Nicole Greco, Clare Ahern, Emma Taylor, Kassie Seavy
Mixed 8hand U15:
1st place Aidan Vizi, Colin Vecchiariello, Kassie Seavy, Nicole Greco, Caitlin Teeking, Clare Ahern, Meaghan Lynn, Keri Vecchiariello
Girls 8hand Over 15:
5th place Megan Borowy, Bridget Teeking, Megan Teeking, Hali Thorne, Erin Murphy, Julia Murphy, Alyssa Enright, Breanna Ahern
6th place Melissa Budiccini, Hayleigh Rapp, Katherine Archer, Sophie Jones, Marie Benton, Megan Borowy, Breanna Ahern, Erin Murphy
Mixed 8hand Over 15: 
3rd place Kent Rapp, Billy Keller, Ryan Murphy, Matt Mulvey, Julia Murphy, Erin Murphy, Hali Thorne, Alyssa Enright
Traditional Set Awards
U7A:   Madelyn Breitbeil- 7th
U8B:   Liam Teeking- 3rd
            Ciaran Vizi-  7th
U10A: Caroline Taylor-15th
            Erin Gorman- 27th
U10B: Madeline Suarez- 15th
U11A: Rory Bach- 2nd
            Sarah Scofield- 6th
            Erin Marie Smith- 24th
U11B: Bridget Kager- 12th
U12A: Aidan Vizi- 2nd
U16:  Melissa Budiccini- 4th
Gilleóghan Irish Dance  is located at 170 Greenwood Ave., Bethel. Classes are held in Bethel and Danbury. For more information please call or email the studio at:  or 201.952.1679.
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Eye on Bethel Presents Bethel Administrators Speaking on Education Funding

Eye on Bethel Presents Bethel Administrators Speaking on Education Funding
The Bethel Republican Town Committee’s Eye on Bethel is pleased to present the following guests on:
November 28th at 7:30PM
November 29th at 11:30AM
Comcast Community Access, Channel 23.
Dr. Kevin Smith, Superintendent of Bethel Public Schools
Teri Yonsky, Director of Financial Services, Bethel Public Schools
Larry Craybas, Chairman, Bethel Board of Education
The discussion centers on  Change the Game”
It is time for the Governor and Legislature to end the over-reliance on property taxes to fund town services and public education in small communities like Bethel
The fundamental concern of Bethel’s school leadership revolves around sustainable funding for quality education delivery in Bethel’s public schools. They support the initiatives of the CT Conference of Municipalities (CCM) and the CT Council of Small Towns to change the way education is funded in CT. CCM stated in its 2012 Election Campaign bulletin that “Connecticut is more dependent on property taxes to fund local government than any other state in the nation … 72% of municipal revenue resources.”
Bethel’s school leaders are asking the CT Association of Boards of Education (CABE) and the CT Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS) to advocate for legislation that allows municipalities the opportunity to fund public education in ways other than the over-reliance on local property tax collection. They fully endorse a resolution to be proposed in January to the new Legislature that would expand a proposed study of this issue and focus more earnestly on an immediate call for relief. They would like to see legislation that allows municipalities to retain a portion of the sales and income taxes sent to Hartford to help relieve the burden placed on property owners.
They encourage every taxpayer and concerned citizen to join them in this call for relief from the burden placed on property taxes to fund Town services, education and the quality of life we are entitled to in the small communities like Bethel.

Bethel Hero Serves in AmeriCorps NCCC

Bethel Hero Serves in AmeriCorps NCCC

Bethel, Conn.- Sarah Stelmazyk of Bethel, Conn. recently began a 10-month term of service in the National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC), an AmeriCorps program. Stelmazyk, based out of the AmeriCorps regional campus in Sacramento, Calif., was formally inducted into the program on November 8, 2012.

Stelmazyk arrived at her regional campus in October to begin a month of training. This training, which prepared the over 300 Corps Members for full-time service with AmeriCorps NCCC, emphasized teamwork, leadership development, communication, service learning, and included certification by the American Red Cross.

Stelmazyk will be responsible for completing a series of six- to eight-week-long service projects as part of a 10- to 12-person team.   Their first service projects will end in mid-December, at which time the teams will break for the winter holidays and begin a new project in a new location in January.

Before serving in NCCC, Stelmazyk attended Bethel High School before going to Western Connecticut State University. Stelmazyk is the daughter of Maria Schiavo of Bethel. Stelmazyk said, “I wasn’t sure what I wanted for my future career wise. I had heard about Americorps NCCC and read up on it and I knew instantly this is what I wanted to do in the now. Theres things that I’ve wanted to do but wasn’t motivated enough and the NCCC program seems to be something that will motivate me to do the things I want to accomplish.”

AmeriCorps NCCC is a residential national service program that supports disaster relief, the environment, infrastructure improvement, energy conservation, and urban and rural development. Fifty-six teams composed of over 600 Corps Members and Team Leaders began service projects in November throughout the Pacific and Southwest regions, based in Sacramento in Denver respectively. There are three additional NCCC campuses located in Perry Point, Md., Vinton, Iowa, and Vicksburg, Miss., each of which is a hub for its respective area of the country.

AmeriCorps NCCC members, all 18 to 24 years old, complete at least 1,700 hours of service during the 10-month program.  In exchange for their service, they receive $5,550 to help pay for college.  Other benefits include a small living stipend, room and board, leadership development, team building skills, and the knowledge that, through active citizenship, they can indeed make a difference.  AmeriCorps NCCC is administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service.  For more information about AmeriCorps NCCC, visit the website at

WFSB Nominates Bethel Quarterback Joe Piatnik for Friday Night Football Athlete of The Week

WFSB Nominates Bethel Quarterback Joe Piatnik for Friday Night Football Athlete of The Week

Photo: WFSB

Bethel Quarterback Joe Piatnik has been nominated by WFSB News Channel 3 for the Friday Night Football Athlete of The Week. Joe had 249 yards rushing, 3 rushing touchdowns and 3 touchdown passes. Click here to vote.

From the BHS School Email Alert:

Bethel Quarterback Joe Piatnik has been nominated in WFSB’s statewide poll for FNF Athlete of The Week.

Please vote for Bethel’s Quaterback Joe Piatnik at WFSB.COM through Friday afternoon.

Click on Sports and Friday Night Football.

The poll has just been posted online:

The winner will be announced on Friday’s 6pm newscast then again on the 11:15pm FNF show.


THE LEAGUE IS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS IN GRADES 9-12. See website for details.

“Tis the Season… for Back Pain

“Tis the Season… for Back Pain

Lumbar sprain. Photo contributed.

Editor’s note: Dr. Russell D. Caram is one of our local sponsors who will be sharing weekly tips and articles on Bethel Buzz. This week’s topic is holiday lumbar strain. During this busy holiday season with family and friends visiting from far and near, Dr. Caram sees many patients who experience “holiday injuries” such as lumbar sprains and strains from moving furniture and lifting heavy items otherwise not normally lifted. Below is an informative article from Dr. Caram about how these injuries can be treated with chiropractic care.

Holiday Lumbar Strain/Sprain ~ By Dr. Russell D. Caram

Stiffness or decrease in range of motion, pain in the back that worsens with movement, pain that often peaks immediately, most often from stretched ligaments and muscle spasms. Patients quite often express an inability to get out of bed or out of the position they’re in due to the pain. However the restrictions usually let up a bit, but not without pain.

A sprain is a stretch or tear in the ligament resulting from a sudden movement that causes the back to extend to an extreme position. For example, in the rapid deceleration of a car crash, and the translational shift of the vertebrae on each other.

The lumbar sprain seems to feel as if the pain is also at times difficult to localize. It seems to be present in the back, but at other times seems to pierce thru the body.  Sprains of this type also make the patient aware of their posture as well as how poor their lifting/bending techniques were prior to the sprain.

The diagnosis of lumbar sprain is not difficult, but is most often derived from the mechanism of injury as described above. At times it’s difficult to examine a patient with a severe lumbar sprain simply because the positions required for testing cannot be assumed by the patient. When there is a typical C-shaped curve of the back when viewed from the side, that curve can become reduced, straightened or reversed. The subsequent subluxations of the vertebrae, stretching of the ligaments and protective contraction of the muscles generate a tremendous amount of pain.

One of the most common reasons for seeing a chiropractor is for this exact kind of injury. Usually a set of x-rays will help confirm a diagnosis of lumbar spine sprain/strain. Lumbar spine adjustments are the best remedy for removing these subluxations of the spine while restoring nerve function and range-of-motion. Physical therapy modalities are often utilized in conjunction with care in order to help facilitate the healing process, either by reducing inflammation or calming muscle spasms.  Depending on the condition, treatment and recovery times vary, ranging from 6 weeks to 6 months. Considering the involvement of the spine and nervous system, if the sprain is significant enough to cause a permanent problem, follow-up treatments may be recommended in order to help stabilize the affected area.

Dr. Russell D. Caram’s office is located on 182 Grassy Plain Street, Bethel, on Route 53. Office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. and Thursdays and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.

To find out more about Dr. Caram and his practice, click here.

“Like” his Facebook page by clicking here.

Call 203-748-2499 for an appointment.