Bethel Mom & Fitness Guru Helps Locals Reach Their Goals


Bethel Mom & Fitness Guru Helps Locals Reach Their Goals

Personal Trainer Rachel Brown, owner of Fitness By Rachel. Photo credit: Chris Brown

Bethel mom and fitness guru Rachel Brown takes her workouts seriously and wants her clients to do the same.  Motivated by a love of helping people reach their goals, Rachel uses whatever it takes to aid her clients in accomplishing what they set out to do.

Originally from Manhattan, Rachel moved to Bethel 14 years ago after working in advertising for over 10 years.  “I knew after I had kids that I didn’t want to go back to that life,” she said.

Growing up as an “athlete kind of kid into sports,” Rachel said it was not until after having her two boys, now 13 and 12-years-old, that she really started working out seriously. While some new moms begin with low-impact aerobics or yoga, Rachel started with kickboxing.

“It was a way to de-stress from being a new mom with kids 15 months apart,” Rachel said. “Once the kids were in school full-time, I sat at home and thought, ‘Alright, now what?’”

Taking kickboxing for a year got her into prime shape and Rachel soon began teaching the classes at the studio where she first began. Teaching everything from for cardio classes and kickboxing for three years, and branching out to teach that and other style fitness classes in the area, Rachel realized that she had what it takes to start her own business, Fitness By Rachel.

“I got my certification in Personal Fitness Training 5 years ago. I have since added certifications in Kid and Teen Fitness, Sports Nutrition, and more,” she stated. Getting recertified each year enables Rachel to stay current on the latest fitness trends and information she can bring back to her clients.

So what sets Rachel apart from the rest of the personal trainers out there? She explained it this way: “I’m not affiliated with a gym, don’t need a gym membership to train with me. I try to make it fun and functional so you can work out wherever you are. If you have equipment or if you don’t, it doesn’t matter.”

“What I do is more of a supplement to most people’s workouts. People don’t use it as a ‘one an only.’ I push people to do what they would not be comfortable to do on their own, introduce new and different things, weights, bars, balls, machines, bands, and other things they might not do on their own,” she said.

Rachel inspires her clients by making their workouts customized. She trains each person differently because she says everyone needs something different.

“My clients range in age from their from their teens to their 70s. If I have a lazy teenager, we work through it to find ways to motivate them.  I play a lot of different roles. I like to help connect what in their life is affecting or inhibiting their success and work through it find ways to be successful and reach goals they want to reach.”

Rachel said it gives her a sense of accomplishment to help her clients feel proud of what they’re doing.

“There’s a certain feeling you have at the end of the day when you accomplish all the things you set out to accomplish. There’s an inner peace and that’s what we’re looking to achieve it s not just about the workout- it makes you motivated and less inclined to do things that are harmful to yourself. There’s a certain satisfaction to checking things off your list.”

Fitness By Rachel operates out of her own home studio or she can come to you. Rachel will customize each workout with the client in mind down to every last detail, even going as far as customizing playlists to match her clients’ perfect workout speed.

By keeping in mind that each of her clients is a unique individual with different ways they are motivated, Rachel helps them not only to lose weight and get in shape, but also to feel good about themselves as they continue on their journey.

“It’s about getting your brain wrapped around it and appreciating your accomplishments and celebrating them and being proud of them.”

For more information about Fitness By Rachel please visit her here:

Website link— Fitness By Rachel

Facebook link—> Fitness By Rachel

Twitter link —> @rachelsgym


Phone #:   203-943-2584

Be sure to look for Rachel’s “Friday Fitness Tip of the Week.”

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