2012 Fall Leaf Pickup Schedule


From The Town of Bethel Highway Department–

The Town of Bethel will begin curbside pick up of leaf bags according to the following schedule. It will commence on Monday, October 15, 2012 and end on Friday, December 14, 2012. Please look for your road and the scheduled dates for leaves to be picked up. Residents are asked not to rake leaves into the streets, as this will cause storm drain clogging and localized flooding.

In addition to the curbside pick up, Town of Bethel Residents are encouraged to bring their bagged leaves to the transfer station at no extra cost while this program is in effect. Please bring a picture ID confirming Bethel residency when you drop off your leaves. Household garbage will not be accepted with the leaves.

Remember: All leaves must be neatly bagged in paper bags. No plastic bags will be picked up nor will bags filled with rocks and sticks be accepted at the transfer station. Please do not use tape (duct/ shipping, etc) to close and seal the leaf bags. All leaf bags should be placed on the curbside the night before, unless inclement weather is expected. Leaves placed after the scheduled pick-up date will be collected on the next rotation. There will be NO special pick up bags on demand.

The schedule is as follows:

Week of October 15th, October 29th, November 12th, November 26th:

Almar Dr., Ann Terrace, Apollo Road, Ballfield Rd., Blue Spruce Ct., Brookwood Dr., Cawley Ave., Chel- sea Rd. Cindy Lane, Durant Ave. Farm Ct., Gemini Rd., Golden Hill Rd., Grandview Ave., Greenwood Ave., Hickok Ave., Judd Ave., Juniper Rd., Kayview Ave., Keeler Ave., Library Pl., Main St., Maple Ave., Maple Ave. Extn., McKay Rd., Milwaukee Ave., Oxford St., Plumtrees Rd. (Maple Ave. Ext. to Whittle- sey), Prospect St., P. T. Barnum Sq./Fountain Pl., School St., Seeley St., Simeon Rd., Whittlesey Dr., Woos- ter St.

Bethpage Dr., Cherry Lane, Church Camp Grounds, F.J. Clarke Circle, Fairchild Dr., Granite Dr., Knoll- wood Dr., Laura Lane, Melillo Dr., Oaktree Court, Oven Rock Rd., Plantation Ct., Pleasant Rise, Rotella Dr., Second Lane, Sharon Ct., Tremont Ave., Trowbridge Dr., Turnage Lane, Vera Dr., Whitlock Ave.

Beach St, Benson Rd., Blackman Ave., Bonnette Dr., Bonnette Dr. Ext., Depot Pl., Diamond Ave., Division St. Drummers Lane, Elgin Ave., Elizabeth St., Farnum Hill, Fleetwood Ave., Fleetwood Park, Front St., Glenwood Dr., Grace Ct., Grand St., Grandview Terrace, Grassy Plain Street (Route 53), Grassy Plain Ter- race, Griswold St., Henry St., High St., Highview Terrace, Hudson St., Lindberg St., Mansfield St., Maple Lane, Martino Lane, Oakland Heights, Paul St., Pleasant St., Pleasant View Terrace, Rector St., Reservoir St., Saxon Rd., Second

Lane, South St., Sycamore Ct., Winding Brook Drive, Whitney Rd., Willow St., Aunt Pattys Lane W., Buckboard Ridge Road, Carriage Dr., Codfish Hill Road, Codfish Hill Road Ext., Cross Hill Rd., Eastbrook Ct., Falls Lane,


Week of October 15th, October 29th, November 12th, November 26th:

Hillside Ct., Ichabod Lane, Jacklin Lane, Katrina Circle, Legend Dr., Old Dodgingtown Rd., Phillip Dr., Ravencrest Dr., Settlers Lane, Twin Maples Dr., Valley Ct., Wagon Rd., Windaway Rd., Wolfpits Rd. (Codfish to 302).

Aunt Pattys Lane E, Birnam Woods Rd., Briarcliff Manor, Canaan Dr., Chestnut St., Chestnut Ridge Rd., Crestview Dr., Daniska Dr., Dittmar Rd., Four Gables Rd., Jacobs Lane, Judy Dr., Long Meadow Lane, Mt Orchard Rd., Nashville Rd., Nashville Rd. Ext., Putnam Park Road, Sunset Hill Rd., Taylor Ave., Van Campen Lane, Webb Rd., Williams Rd., Wolfpits Rd. (Codfish to S.S.).

Week of October 22nd, November 5th, November 19th, December 3rd:

Adams Dr., Benedict Rd. (Ridgedale to Rte. 6), Brookview Ct., Budd Dr., Buff Lane, Castle Hill Rd., Chim- ney Dr., Dodgingtown Rd/Rte. 302, Far Horizon Dr., Fox Den Rd., Green Pasture Road, Hearthstone Dr., Hollyberry Dr., Meckauer Circle, No, Hearthstone Dr., Old Field Dr., Old Turnpike Rd., Patridge Dr., Payne Rd., Quaker Ridge Rd., Ridgedale Rd. (Benedict Rd. to Sky Edge), Sand Hill Rd., Shelter Rock Rd., Sky Edge Dr., Sky Edge Lane. Walnut Hill Rd. (Plumtrees to Shelter Rock Rd.), Westview Dr., Woodlawn Dr.

Autumn Dr., Birch Dr., Cedar Dr., Clearview Dr., Devine Terrace, East Lane, Evergreen Dr., Farmview Dr., Garella Rd., Hawleyville Rd., Hilldale Rd., Laughlin Rd., Long Hill Rd., Maple Row, McDonnell Dr., McNeil Rd., McNerny Rd., Meadow Lane, North Rd., Oakridge Rd. Old Hawleyville Rd (Walnut Hill to Brookfield), Redwood Dr., Ridge Rd., Terrace Dr., Vail Rd., Weed Rd.

Appletree Rd., Benedict Rd. (Walnut to Ridgedale), Colonial Dr., Cortland Dr., Empire Lane, Grove Place, Hillcrest Dr., Hoyt Rd., Karen Dr., Kristy Dr., Northern Spy Court, Old Hawleyville Rd. (Walnut to Plum- trees), Old Shelter Rock Rd., Pound Sweet Hill, Pondview Dr., Ridgedale Rd. (Walnut to Benedict), Rita Dr., Rockwell Rd (Walnut to Plumtrees), Sunny Acres Rd., Taylor Rd. (Walnut to Plumtrees), Walnut Hill Rd. (Shelter Rock to Line), Wine Sap Run.

Allan Way, Bayberry Hill Rd., Dodgingtown Road (Route 302), Edmond Dr., Honey Hollow Dr., Kellogg St., Limekiln Ct., Linda Lane, Marvin Pl., Old Lantern No., Old Lantern So., Old Hawleyville Rd. ( Plumtrees to Rte. 302), Old Town Lane, Pell Mell Dr., Plumtrees Rd., Racebrook Ct., Roberts Rd., Rockwell Rd. (Plumtrees to Rte. 302), Rocky Lane, Shelly Rd., Taylor Rd. (Plumtrees to Rte. 302), Terry Dr., Vining Rd.

Andrew St., Country Way, Fawn Rd., Gale Ct., Governors Lane, Gretchen Lane, High Lake Dr., Highland Ave., Hoyts Hill Rd., Jacobs Lane, Midway Dr., Sara’s Way, Short Dr., Spring Hill Lane, Starr Lane, Stone Dam Rd., Topstone Dr., Waterhorse Brook Dr., Whipporwill Dr., Winthrop Rd.


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