Bethel Resident Shows Support for State. Rep. David Scribner’s Re-election

Bethel Resident Shows Support for State. Rep. David Scribner’s Re-election
Editor’s Note: The following is a Letter to the Editor, sent in by Bethel resident Kitty Grant. The opinions expressed in the Letters to the Editor column are the viewpoint of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Bethel Buzz or its editor. 
State Representative David Scribner, an effective leader, a champion for the 107th District!
The voters of the 107th District have a job interview to conduct. I continue to support our current State Representative David Scribner.  From a dedication standpoint, his 100% attendance record says it all. The greatest endorsement  comes from the  percentage of voters who have returned him to office in record numbers, over and over again.  He has earned up to 7,700 votes and 85%  of our vote! He has a voting record as a true fiscal conservative in Hartford . He is appointed to three leadership positions in Hartford.
Some of the accomplishments that David Scribner has achieved on behalf of his constituents include: proposing and passing the states Graduated Drivers License laws for teen drivers. Cardiac Care Unit authorization for Danbury Hospital.  Hospice Regulations to allow the Regional Hospice of Western CT to build an in patient facility in Danbury
As the Republican Leader on Transportation, the Route 7 Bypass in Brookfield (previously stalled for 30 years) completed, expansion of Route 7 South from Danbury to Ridgefield, secured funding to improve the I – 84 Corridor through Danbury,  improvements to the Danbury/Norwalk Branch Rail line of Metro North, $2 million for expansion and upgrades to the Bethel Rail Station,  grants for the Still River Bike Path in Brookfield.
He saved the Danbury Department of Motor Vehicles office from closure, he prevented  the Welcome Station and Weigh Stations at the entrance to CT on I-84 in Danbury from permanent closure, he has prevented the re-implementation of tolls in CT.
He secured $6 million in  grants for economic development projects  in Bethel & Brookfield, and road resurfacing in the Stony Hill section  following sewer installation, $4 million for Bethel to purchase as open space, part of the contiguous property of Hutchinson State Park.  He had the historic train station and parking conveyed, free of charge from the state to the Town of Bethel.
In addition:  $1 million for the expansion of the Bethel Library,  $2.3 million for the environmental clean up of all four of Brookfield’s public schools,  $30,000 to the Brookfield Volunteer Fire Co. for clean up of an underground fuel storage tank,  $1.3 million for the expansion of the Brookfield Senior Center, $500,000. for the Regional YMCA of Western CT to enhance its exterior pool allowing year round use, $250,000. for  Ann’s Place for cancer victims in Danbury.
Impressive results for any legislator!  The choice is clear. He has continued to earn our support. Vote for State Representative  David Scribner on Tuesday, August 14th!
Kitty Grant

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