Bethel Resident Believes State Rep. David Scribner is Best for the Job

Bethel Resident Believes State Rep. David Scribner is Best for the Job
Editor’s Note: The following is a Letter to the Editor, sent in by Bethel resident Patricia Rist. The opinions expressed in the Letters to the Editor column are the viewpoint of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Bethel Buzz or its editor. 
Approaching the August 14th primary, the support of the voters in the 107th District should return David Scribner to the House of Representatives for his 8th term.  His priorities are for the people who live, work and raise families in the communities of Bethel, Brookfield and a portion of Danbury.  His 100% voting record speaks for itself.  The millions of dollars he brought back to our communities speak for itself.  His focus on getting our state back on track by promoting a business-friendly environment speaks for itself.   
David opposed the Governor’s budget that has hurt all of us.   He supported the Republican alternative that would not increase taxes and would reduce wasteful spending.   He is an influential legislator who continuously works to restrain state spending.  He supported a bi-partisan bill that expanded programs to help small businesses and supported a bill that increased penalties for people who deface or steal wartime monuments. David worked again this year to ensure that Connecticut highways remain free from tolls that would harm our local economies.  
Of great importance is the work he has done for Hospice. He generated House and Senate support for a bill that improves how state hospice care is administered.  His dedication allows for state hospice care to be given at home and allows for two state-of-the-art in-patient facilities, one of which will be built in Danbury.  His accomplishments along with his roles as Republican Whip in the House and  Ranking Member Transportation and Bonding are earned through long hours and hard work.  Hours that takes him away from his family, family events and often from attending local events and meetings.  David is doing what we elected him to do, going to Hartford and working for us.  Please join me in supporting him on August 14th.
Patricia Rist

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