Local Pet First Aid Expert Now Enrolling For Classes at DAWS

Local Pet First Aid Expert Now Enrolling For Classes at DAWS

For local pet groomer and pet first aid instructor Mary Oquendo, learning to save a pet’s life is critical in her line of work. Mary, a Danbury resident, has worked as a mobile pet groomer with her company Pawsitively Pretty for the past 14 years. In her line of work she has seen her fair share of emergency situations. One of her clients had a Maltese who had a heart attack while on her table  and that is what inspired her to take and teach pet first aid.

“The dog, Binngo, had a pre-existing medical condition and had a heart attack on my table while I was grooming him. Luckily I was able to get him to the vet in time but if I had to do CPR on him I wouldn’t have remembered because the class I took was too long ago,” she said. That scary situation was what inspired Mary to take a refresher course and eventually become certified to teach pet first aid.

Another scary experience was when her own dog Kira, a Shepherd/Malamute mix, tripped on her deck and ripped off her dew claw. Mary had just finished the pet first aid class and was able to use what she had just learned in class to stop the bleeding and get her dog to the vet. “Because it was fresh in my mind I was able to treat Kira immediately so her pain and recovery time was much less than if I hadn’t learned it,” she said.

Pet first aid skills are similar to human first aid and CPR skills. They need to be refreshed every 2 years and as Mary says are “use ’em or lose ’em skills.”

For the past 6 years Mary has taught pet first aid and is one of 13 certified masters worldwide to teach the Pet Tech Certification class. According to the American Animal Hospital Association 25% more pets could have been saved if only one pet first aid technique was applied prior to veterinary treatment.

“There are so many factors, especially this time of year, that are dangerous for animals,” Mary said and is why she urges pet owners and groomers to take the class. Dangers include heat stroke, accidental poisoning from pool chemicals, plants and pesticides, drownings, burns from barbecue grills and/or hot pavement, coyotes, snakes, insect bites and a host of other injuries.

The pet first aid class is very hands-on and features instruction on topics such as healthy living, emergency procedures and protocols, restraining and muzzling, rescue breathing, choking, CPR, bleeding, shock treatment, fractures, poisoning, how to prepare a first aid and emergency kit and dental care. Students practice on stuffed dogs but get to take a pulse on a live demo dog– Ricky, Mary’s 10-year-old Golden Retriever.

Pet first aid not only saves pet’s lives, they can also help people who benefit from the companionship and unconditional love only a a pet can bring.

“There was a breeder I know who saved a stillborn puppy, a Cane Corso. The puppy was able to help an Autistic girl. Through the dog’s companionship the girl was able to learn to form bonds she could not form before having the puppy,” Mary said.

It is stories like these that inspire Mary to share her love of animals and the importance of pet safety with her clients. Mary, a Certified Master Pet Tech Pet First Aid Instructor, teaches pet first aid classes at Danbury Animal Welfare Society on Grassy Plain Road in Bethel, CT., with her Co-instructor Beth Cristiano, also a Certified Master Pet Tech instructor. They are 2 out of 13 worldwide and share a love and passion to share these life-saving skills with pet owners and groomers.

Mary is a Reiki Master and Certified Crystal Therapist and writes for Petgroomer.com, Groomer to Groomer Magazine and E-Groomer Magazine. She is currently accepting registrations for the next pet first aid certification class on August 4th from 9am to 5pm at DAWS. The class is only $150 per person and includes two take-home handbooks. To register for this class please click here.

Their next class for the pet first aid instructor certification, a class for groomers and pet sitters, is August 4th, 5th and 6th. Class begins at 9am and ends at 5pm each day. The cost is $1,495. To register for this class click here.

For more information about Mary Oquendo and services she offers please visit her website by clicking here.

Pawsitive Educational Training
4 Charcoal Ridge Rd South
Danbury, CT 06811



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