Local Artist Michael Seri Launches “Pop Up Art” Exhibit

Local Artist Michael Seri Launches “Pop Up Art” Exhibit

Photos by Wendy Mitchell

In case you were wondering what the copper sculpture was doing by the side of the road across from Bethel Cinema, watching people as they drive by, it is part of the new Pop Up Art Bethel exhibit. The sculpture was created by Jim Felice and is called “Myths & Masks.” Felice, along with 24 other local artists, are showing and selling their work at Pop Up Art Bethel, a month-long fine arts exhibit.

Pop Up Art Bethel is the brainchild of local artist, Michael Seri, who was inspired to create the exhibit after a trip to Las Vegas. In Vegas, Seri said, artists get together on Friday evenings to show their work, socialize and network. “I went to a pop up art show in Vegas and the seed was planted,” Seri said. “It brings artists together and is a great way for artists to showcase their work.”

The concept is “to move from town to town to bring new life to empty storefronts,” Seri said. “With the economy the way it is there are so many vacant storefronts that are desolate because of the recession. This is a way to bring it new life, bring people together and revitalize communities. And if it is successful it can turn into a full-time gallery.”

The artists’ works are an eclectic array of mixed media in a range of styles and genres including sculpture, charcoal drawings, paintings, photography and pottery.  Two graffiti artists, Kenny Hess and Justin Buto, have their work on display, in the form of a large mural on one of the walls of the gallery.  Pop Up Art Bethel is the first of many temporary art exhibits Seri said. The temporary gallery space is located at 262 Greenwood Ave., in the former location of Kara Signs.

Frank Kara, owner of Kara signs, is also an artist and will be exhibiting his pottery. The month-long show in Bethel runs from Saturday June 30th through July 30th. The opening reception on Saturday June 30th features Frank Kara’s three-piece jazz band, Tonal Eclipse. Wine and food will be served at the reception, courtesy of Stone River Grille in Sandy Hook, Seri’s brother’s new restaurant.. The reception on Saturday is from 2-5:00 p.m. Gallery hours for the month of July are as follows: Thursday-Sunday, June 30-July 30, 2-9:30 p.m.

The list of artists are as follows:

Joseph Farris

Erin Nazzaro

Frank Post

Tarol Samuelson

Katie Bassett

Eric Camiel

Leslie Pelino

Bibiana Matheis

Nicole Cudzilo

Juan Andreu

Michael Morris

Joseph Farris

Tara Burgess

Ival Stratford-Kovner

Judith Wyer

Suzanne Ross

Tanya Kukucka

Kathleen Benton

Keith Dube

Frank Kara

Chris Durante

Kenny Hess

Justin Buto

F. Henry-Meehan

Jim Felice

Michael Seri

For more information, contact Michael Seri, Pop Up Art Productions (PUAP), 203-512-9129.

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Photos by Wendy Mitchell


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