Happy Birthday Bethel Buzz!

Happy Birthday Bethel Buzz!

Break out the piñata and party hats, Bethel Buzz is one year old today and we are celebrating! On June 6, 2011 Bethel Buzz was launched and in just one year we have had over 93,000 views on our website, roughly 8,000-10,000/month. The most we had views on a  single day was 1,175 on November 6, 2011 during the power outages of Storm Alfred. Readers checked Bethel Buzz from their smart phones and stayed up to date with regular postings on our Facebook fan page.

Speaking of our Facebook fan page, it keeps growing with 1,029 fans at last count. (To become a fan click here) More importantly, Bethel Buzz has been able to get the word out quickly when breaking news and emergencies happen. With fires, hurricanes, snowstorms, elections and other important events, Bethel Buzz has been there to report. We realize we can not cover every story in a  town on 18,000+, and welcome our readers to send in their news, information, photos to ctbuzznews@gmail.com.

When people ask  how Bethel Buzz has been able to continue to grow with so many news and information sites out there we simply respond,  “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” Each of the other news sources in our area have a unique niche they fill, and there is power in positivity.

While we hope for continued growth during the next year, we will keep our mission the same– to serve as a news and information source for the Town of Bethel and to give small business, non-profits and charities a voice and a web presence.

Thank you to our loyal readers for continuing to “Spread the Buzz!”

~Wendy Mitchell, Owner/Editor, Bethel Buzz

Here’s What Bethel Buzz’s Loyal Readers Are Saying—

Dan Carter, State Representative, 2nd Assembly District

“The Bethel Buzz is more than an online news source. The Buzz is the link to the events and stories that bring our community together!”

Kathleen O’Connor Aiello, Bethel Women’s Club

“I really enjoy the Bethel Buzz. During Tropical Storm Irene and the October snowstorm with no power and no phone service at my house, I depended on taking my iPhone a few miles down the road and being able to find out through the postings on Bethel Buzz what was happening in Bethel. I really felt like it was a lifeline keeping me updated with what I needed to know regarding road closures and all other pertinent information relevant to Bethel.”

Kevin Cleary, Former Bethel Selectman

“The Buzz always gives an unbiased account on a local event. I enjoy knowing that when I read an article in The Buzz, I get the whole story. Thank You Buzz for giving me a venue to keep it touch with what is going on in town.”

Wendy Cahill, Owner, Molten Java

“I rely on Bethel Buzz for up to date events postings and to provide event info for my business!”

Dan Gaita, Owner, Private Studio Fitness ‎

Wendy Mitchell, I want to thank you for all of the efforts you put into improving our community. From providing the fantastic and free shows for the kids this summer to providing Bethel with another unbiased outlet for information online, to your endless and optimistic enthusiasm with your latest venture. Keep up the good work and thanks again for all of your volunteer contributions to our community.”

Terry Curry Laslo, Wingcat Web Design

“I’m on the Newtown / Bethel line and got connected to the Bethel Buzz through the Stony Hill Four Corners Association. I love it for the articles on what’s happening and local events… including keeping me out of a major traffic jam on 84 the other day! I avoided it and got to my important meeting on time!

Irene Haynes Sondern Dailey

“Bethel Buzz is a great service to the Bethel resident. It helps keep people informed of not only what events that are going on in town but also any accidents, traffic, weather reports for inclement weather. As a former resident of 25+ years Ii still read Bethel Buzz daily and actually every time I am online.  I still love to know what’s going on and Wendy does a darn good job at it!

Heidi Granacker Haick

“Bethel Buzz gives accurate information, understands problems and is committed to the people of Bethel and their well-being. I love the Bethel Buzz and thank you for being so on top of everything in Bethel. Thanks for all of your help during the storm, you were a lifesaver!”

Stacey Dahill Connors

“I love this town and love that Bethel Buzz does, too. With just a glance at the Bethel Buzz website, you can see that this is run by someone who truly cares about Bethel and wants to help its businesses and community grow.

Weather it’s on BethelBuzzNews.com, Facebook or Twitter, it’s the first place I look for the happenings and news in Bethel. I am so glad that Wendy has taken the time and put the effort and heart into making Bethel Buzz a wonderful resource for our community.

Kathleen Burgess

“My first real exposure and appreciation for the Bethel Buzz came during the October snowstorm. Frequent updates on the power restoration, school open/close status and use of the Municipal Center were really helpful. I found myself checking my phone daily for what the Bethel Buzz had to say!

I still like to read what The Bethel Buzz has to report on a daily basis from community events to school activities. Thank you for keeping me informed!!”

Lisa Basso

“Bethel Buzz is my eyes and ears into Bethel. I find their Facebook posts to be very helpful and informative from posting information about fun events happening in the area to important news updates from and about the town of Bethel and area towns. If you are not a fan of “Bethel Buzz’s”FB Page yet, I recommend you check it out!”

Lindsay Kaye

I adore reading Bethel Buzz to see what’s actually going on in Bethel. The website really goes out of its way to stay current with what events are going on in the area both large and small. Typically, I’ve only heard about the really small and interesting events via word of mouth, which is always hit or miss, so I appreciate the time that’s taken to get the word out.


About Bethel Buzz

Bethel Buzz is your go-to source for the latest news, happenings and events in Bethel. Our site is cutting edge and informative, with the mission of giving small businesses, non-profits and civic organizations in Bethel a voice and exposure online.

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