Rep. Scribner Participates in Brookfield Veteran Homecoming

Rep. Scribner Participates in Brookfield Veteran Homecoming

DANBURY— State Representative David Scribner (R-Brookfield) proudly welcomed Brookfield resident Andrew Ipkovich home from his tour in Afghanistan with a surprise celebration at Henry Abbott Technical High School, where he has taught for over a decade.

Andy Ipkovich was deployed as a U.S. Navy Reservist for one a year to Afghanistan, leaving Abbott Tech void of one of their favorite teachers and coaches. Rep. Scribner presented Ipkovich with an official General Assembly citation before hundreds of his colleagues, students and athletes to honor his dedication, commitment and sacrifice.

Rep. Scribner listened as many people came forward from the Henry Abbott community to commend his work in the classroom and on the battlefield as they expressed how much he was missed. The students and teachers sent care packages and cards each month as they counted down the days to his return and planned his joyous homecoming celebration.

“I was privileged and honored to participate in the Welcome Home assembly for my Brookfield constituent, Naval Officer Andrew Ipkovich and presented him with a citation on behalf of my colleagues in the General Assembly. We are immensely proud of his courage, bravery, and service in the Navy in Afghanistan and proud of his dedication and commitment as a revered educator in our state technical school system at Henry Abbott.” Rep. Scribner said.

“The heartwarming, genuine, love and respect that he has earned by his students, parents, faculty colleagues, staff, administration, and the greater community,  including other members of the armed services, veterans, and community leaders not only clearly evident, but overwhelming.  He is truly a treasure!” Rep. Scribner said.

Rep. Scribner represents the communities of Bethel and Brookfield



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