Resident Claims Bethel Schools Improperly Use E-mail

Resident Claims Bethel Schools Improperly Use E-mail

Letter to The Editor from John Milne, Mar. 6, 2012

Dear sirs:

Bethel Schools Improper E-mail Use

The Bethel school system has e-mail addresses for those homes that have students in the school system.  This is so the homes can be notified of changes in hours, closings, or other circumstances that could affect attendance.  This communication mode is NOT intended for political use, or for the Board of Ed to hammer home a position that they (the Board) support such as budget (tax) increases.

However under the direction of the Superintendent of Schools such direct e-mails are being sent to the student homes calling for parental support of issues the Board wants to see adopted.  That is NOT the purpose of the e-mail availability.

If the Board of Ed. Wants to emphasize some particular proposal they can do so by placing an ad in the newspapers, letter to the editor, or  U.S. mail to all households. The general public, who’s taxes pay for the Board of Ed. to use e-mail, have the right to know what the Board is proposing and these type of e-mails should be in the public forum, not hidden to a select group such as the homes of students.

Using these targeted e-mails is against the policy of such use and may even be illegal.  Such mailings can also work against the best interests of the general public, by keeping them uninformed.  It is surprising the Board of Ed. Does not take a stand to discontinue such use.

–John Milne   203 797-1328


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  1. Anyone (not just parents of school age children) that lives in Bethel is welcome to receive the emails from the school system….all they have to do is call and have their email address added to the mailing list. It isn’t rocket science.

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