Long Time Former Bethel Resident, Brad Rickerby Photos And Paintings To Show At Cherry Branch In March

Long Time Former Bethel Resident, Brad Rickerby Photos And Paintings To Show At Cherry Branch In March

Photo Credit: Brad Rickerby Photography

For Release On or After
    13 February 2012
An exhibit by just one artist who works in two media will open at the Cherry Branch Gallery in Cherry Valley, New York, on 3 March 2012.  Bradford Rickerby, a well established news photographer, began using his camera to create abstract impressions of street life from Times Square to Japan’s Ginza a decade ago.  More recently he has begun to paint abstractions — and sometimes to use both brush and camera to capture, as he puts it, “the interactions among and between color, light and movement.”
Brad Rickerby might just as well have been born with a camera in his hand. The son of LIFE staff photographer Arthur Rickerby,  he developed a profound visual aesthetic early on and had his first publication credit in LIFE in 1966 at the age of nine.Rickerby flirted with the business world in the ’80’s, earned an MBA (Duke, ’89.) He worked on Wall Street but soon found that “my creative roots were stronger than my desire for wealth.”  His re-birth into art came in 1991 when he started shooting for the Brooklyn (NY) Phoenix. From there he went on to do paparazzi work for Sipa Press and eventually to news photography for Reuters based out of New York City.

In 1998, based on his developing Photoimpressionism and City Lights projects, Rickerby signed a contract with Tony Stone (later Stone, still later Getty).

Through distributions by Getty, Reuters, and Sipa Press, Rickerby’s work has been published on six continents and by virtually every major publication in the world. His images have also been widely used by corporations, governments and institutions. .

Rickerby began painting In 2004. He works in a variety of media (oil, acrylic, watercolor etc.) matching the media to suit the mood of the image he wants to create.  Rickerby’s paintings share many similarities to his photography. They all revolve around the aesthetics of abstraction, chaos and tranquility.

In March of 2012 Rickerby will have his first solo show at the Cherry Branch Gallery in upstate New York. The show will feature both paintings and photographs. In both media, the style of the images will focus on light and color and movement. The interplay of these elements has been a fascination of Mr. Rickerby for the past two decades. Those wishing an invitation to the show or to see the artists paintings, please contact us.
Rickerby’s work may be seen at his website, www.bradrickerby.com.  He also writes a blog: http://www.bradrickerby.wordpress.com.  The Cherry Branch Gallery is located at 25 Main Street in Cherry Valley, New York.  The Rickerby show will open on 3 March 2012 and run through 5 April 2012.  A reception for the opening will be held from 5 to 7 PM on 3 March. The artist will be attending.
Brad Rickerby

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