Business is Booming, Vroom Service Now is Zooming!

Business is Booming, Vroom Service Now is Zooming!

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Business is booming and Vroom Service Now is zooming.  What’s Vroom Service Now, you ask? An innovative concept created by entrepreneur Scott Leandra to bring a wide variety of food right to your front door or office.

If you’re sitting at your desk on a Monday after a long weekend and pizza is the last thing on your mind, check out Wah Lah’s menu for healthy presses, soups and salads and Vroom Service Now will deliver it right to your office. Or if you have the guys over on a Sunday and you’re craving some wings and ribs from T.K’s or Pippa’s for the big game but nobody feels like going out, call Vroom Service Now.

Leandra started his business in 2010 with the help of his business partners Pete Powers and George Nault, both of Brookfield. Unfortunately Mr. Nault passed away last year. Leandra said: “George was a lot of people’s best friend and it was a huge loss in the area, let alone for me personally.  He was my best friend and that’s why I wanted to open the business with him. He was very proud and excited to do what we were doing.”

Almost two years later Leandra and Powers have carried on the original idea successfully. So much so that they are always expanding and in need of additional drivers to meet the higher demands. “This business provides good supplemental employment or for people with no jobs and it provides a valuable service for those who need the convenience of what we offer and especially for those that are home-bound,” Leandra said.

“When people can’t get out of the house because they have a limited or no transportation we offer a variety of restaurant menus and bring it right to them.”

What makes this service so unique is that most restaurants that offer deliver are limited to pizza and grinders, which doesn’t allow for much variety.  Vroom Service Now not only works with area pizza restaurants, but also works with over 45 local restaurants that have an extensive selection. Customers can order steak, seafood, chicken and veal from Armando’s, lasagna, pasta or brick oven pizza from Lauretano’s, wraps, sandwiches, wings and more from Pippa’s as well as a wide variety of options from Nick’s, Papa Al’s and Widow Brown’s.  Other restaurants that are ready to get on board are the Putnam House, Tuscany’s, Greenwoods, J.Fuji, Café on Six and Village Pizza.

So how does it work? Simple—just visit, enter your zip code and click on one of the tabs on the left that opens the restaurant’s menu.  Select your meal by clicking on the item to put it in the online shopping cart.  Next, choose a delivery time and Vroom Service Now will deliver to your home, office or hotel room, usually within 35 minutes to an hour after the order was placed. The delivery fee is $3.99. Don’t forget to tip your driver between 15-20%. Drivers rely heavily upon tips because they use their own cars and gas. Vroom Service Now currently employs over 30 drivers who work as independent contractors.  Headquartered in Newtown, the business is always looking for more drivers. Call the office for details at 203-270-FOOD.

If a restaurant wants to sign on with Vroom Service Now they just pay a commission. There is no startup fee, no long-term contract and no minimum to the restaurant. Other towns have more restaurants to choose from specific to their location.

To place an order visit their website or call (203) 270-FOOD. Vroom Service Now accepts cash or credit.

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