Boo Needs You!

Boo Needs You!

Photo credit: DAWS

The following information was released from the Danbury Animal Welfare Society–

Boo is a sweet, loving and energetic dog that is in need of a forever home. He is a two year old American Staffordshire Terrier that was first surrendered from an abusive home.  He might look like a tough guy but he very sweet and outgoing and loves getting exercised outdoors and does great playing with other dogs.  We adopted him in August and he has since been working hard on learning his basic commands such as sit, stay, place, off and heel.  He has been crate trained and walks very well on a leash.

Boo loves to exercise and gets along great with all the dogs in our neighborhood.  He doesn’t require any special medication and is a picture of excellent health, but he does require a stable schedule and consistent training. We would love to keep him but we are expecting our first child this spring and Boo needs a home where he can have a stable schedule, consistency and owner that will be able to put in the time required to work on the new skills he is now learning.
He is a quick learner and very bright and all he wants to do is please his family. He loves hugs and kisses. When he was at DAWS he was “Shelter Dog of the Week” and loved by all of the staff.  When we took him home he remained a sweetheart but as he has settled. We have realized that giving Boo less than a year to get acquainted with us, getting used to a schedule and then introducing a newborn into the family unit would not be beneficial to his progress.
We have come to this conclusion under the guidance and support of Boo’s trainer.  We are so grateful for the love Boo has given us since he entered our lives and we owe it to him to have his best interest at heart. He deserves the best possible home and on this phase of our lives we are not that home.  We are sad to let him go, but we know that we have done all in our power to shower him in love these past few months and get him ready for his new family. He will be a wonderful addition to a young outdoors oriented couple who like taking long walks and enjoy going to dog training classes where he can be mentally stimulated and exercised.
If you are interested in meeting Boo and getting to know more about him please contact Thomas at
If Boo is not for you, there are many more dogs and cats who need a forever home. DAWS adoption hours are as follows:

Mon-Fri: 6pm – 8pm
Sat & Sun: 2pm- 4pm

For more information about Boo and other adoptable dogs and cats please check out DAWS website by clicking here or call  203-744-DAWS (3297). DAWS is located at 147 Grassy Plain Street, Bethel, CT 06801.

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