Money Saving Heating Tips From Fiorilla Heating Oil

Editor’s Note: Fiorilla Heating Oil is one of our local sponsors who shares weekly tips and articles on Bethel Buzz. 

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With the cold winter upon us and 10 weeks until Spring, Fiorilla Heating Oil is sharing some money-saving tips on how to save on heating costs.

Money Saving Heating Tips

  1. Make sure to set your thermostat to a level you are comfortable with, between 68 to 70 degrees is the general recommendation. Once you have the thermostat set and you are content with the comfort level we also recommend that you leave it there. It takes less energy to heat air 3-4 degrees than it does to heat air 6-8 degrees. This will also help save on your heating bills.
  2. Clean or replace filters on the furnace as needed to ensure efficiency.
  3. Make sure your baseboard heaters and radiators are not being blocked by furniture, carpeting, or curtains to allow heat to flow freely.
  4. Although fans may help you save money in on your air conditioning bill in the spring and summer, we recommend that you use kitchen, bath, and other ventilating fans wisely. These fans can pull out a houseful of warmed in no time. Make sure that you turn them off as soon as they have done their job.
  5. Keep shades open on the south side of your home  during the winter to allow sunlight to enter and warm your home. You should also close them at night to reduce the cold.
  6. Seal air locks and insulate your home properly so your energy dollars don’t seep through the cracks.

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