Belardinelli Tire Co. Winter Tip #5: Check Your Thermostat & Defroster

Belardinelli Tire Co. Winter Tip #5: Check Your Thermostat & Defroster

Belardinelli Tire Co. Photo credit: Mandy Fotheringham

This winter season may have you traveling more often and further distance as you visit friends and family over the holidays, or as you drive to a vacation destination. Belardinelli Tire Company wishes to remind you to
remember to get your fluids checked and your tires before heading out to see family and friends this holiday season. 
They also want to remind drivers to be sure to winterize your car before a storm hits and check the links at the end of this article for important safety tips such as this week’s Winter Tip #5…

Get Your Thermostat and Defroster Checked:

It is very important to be sure your thermostat and defroster is checked because a defrost heater in a car provides heat to a window or a set of windows to melt ice and snow or to keep frost from forming on the window. Your defrost heater is very important because it allows you to see out the windows easier and prevents the window from frosting over entirely.

The fan pushes heat out of the vents and onto the windows in your car. To check if yours is working properly, turn on the defrost on high and put your hand up against the vent. If you can feel air coming up, and the air is hot, your defrost heater is working. You should also be able to hear the fan. Turn the defrost on and off and see if you can hear the fan kick in. If you don’t hear a fan or don’t feel air moving, the fan is bad and the defrost heater is probably bad as well. If you can feel heat at the vents, but the heat isn’t blowing out of the vents, it might be that the blower motor for your defrost heater is broken, but the heater itself works. Belardinelli’s can check this out.

In addition to getting your thermostat and defroster checked, have a professional inspect the entire heating system. 

Check lights and flashing hazard lights for serviceability. Properly functioning lights are crucial for driving in winter fog. Test them to make sure they work, especially brake lights and turn signals.

To read more of Belardinelli Tire Co. winter car care tips click the links below:

Tip # 1: Check Your Tire Pressure

Tip #2: Check Your Tread

Tip #3: Check Your Battery

Tip #4: Check Your Fluids

Belardinelli Tire is a full service auto center that has all of your auto needs in stock at reasonable prices. They are located at 7 Beach Street in Bethel, CT.   Call (203) 748-0889 for more information or click here to check out their website.

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