Belardinelli Tire Winter Car Care Tip #3: Check Your Batteries

Belardinelli Tire Winter Car Care Tip #3: Check Your Batteries


Whether it’s a weekend ski trip, holidays with the family or a New England day trip, many of you will hit the road this winter. It’s important for drivers to winterize their vehicles ahead of time to keep their cars running properly and their families safe. Belardinelli Tire Co. recommends checking your battery before going on a long trip, especially in the winter months. As the temperature drops, so does the power of your battery.

According to AAA: “At 32 degrees, your car battery has 15% less starting power than it does at 80 degrees; at 0 degrees, it has 35% less power; at -20 degrees, it has less than half the cranking power while the engine needs 3-1/2 times the power to start.”

A weak battery is unreliable and can take longer to start your car on cold mornings. Make sure that connections are tight and free of corrosion and have your battery tested to ensure it has ample power to withstand the cold. Start the car with the heater, lights and window defrosters turned off to minimize strain on the battery.

AAA recommends the following tips:

BATTERY: Make sure terminals are tight and clean. If lights seem dim or vehicle starts are sluggish, have the electrical system, including battery, checked by a technician.

• FAULTY BATTERIES cause more car starting problems than any other factor. Turn off all unnecessary lights and accessories if vehicle-starts are sluggish.

• DIM HEADLAMPS or sluggish engine starts may be signs a new battery is needed. When buying a battery, rely on advice given by auto parts and/or service personnel, who will cross-reference your vehicle to the industry standard for the proper replacement battery.

• TODAY’S MAINTENANCE-FREE batteries don’t require regular fluid checks, but it is wise to inspect the battery case and cables for loose fits and/or damage.

• CORROSION, in the form of white or yellowish powder, also can affect battery performance. Clean the connections with a stiff brush, using a solution of baking soda and water.

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Belardinelli Tire has a wide variety of batteries, snow tires and more in stock at reasonable prices. They are located at 7 Beach Street in Bethel, CT.   Call (203) 748-0889 for more information or click here to check out their website. “Like” Belardinelli Tire on Facebook by clicking here.


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