Belardinelli Tire Winter Car Care Tip #2: Check Your Tread

Belardinelli Tire Winter Car Care Tip #2: Check Your Tread

With the winter weather already upon us, it is important to remember to check your tires. Last week we discussed checking the tire pressure. This week we are reminding drivers to inspect all of your tires (including the spare) for signs of excessive wear. Uneven tread wear is an indication that it may be time for rotation or replacement.

On slippery or icy roads, your tires are extremely important to giving you stability and controlled handling. You can check your tire’s tread by placing a penny on its edge in the tire’s tread groove. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s hair, it is time to replace your tires. Do this in several spots because tires don’t wear evenly.

Some may say that winter tires are expensive, however, winter tires may be one of the most economical purchases you can make. Using winter tires will extend the life of your summer tires. The summer tires won’t wear out sitting in the garage or basement while the winter tires and wheels are on the vehicle. Using winter wheels will protect the car from harsh winter conditions such as salt, slush and grime that attack the alloy.

You need more tread depth in snow because your tires need to compress the snow in their grooves and release it as they roll. Because tread depth is such an important element for snow traction, winter tires usually start with noticeably deeper tread depths than typical All-Season or summer tires. Some winter tires even have a second series of “wear bars” molded in their tread pattern indicating approximately 6/32″ remaining tread depth to warn you when your tires no longer meet the desired tread depth.

All-Season tires provide traction for  a wide variety of conditions, however, winter snow tires deliver much better snow and ice performance than All-Season tires. This is due to the fact that their tread designs are engineered to master those conditions, while summer tires are engineered to deliver better handling in the rain and on dry roads. Winter snow tires are designed to excel in the colder temperatures, slush, snow and ice for the winter season.

While ABS and traction control on automobiles help prevent drivers from over braking or overpowering the available traction of their tires the only thing the driver can do to get more grip and control is install better tires.

Belardinelli Tire has a wide variety of snow tires in stock at reasonable prices. They are located at 7 Beach Street in Bethel, CT.   Call (203) 748-0889 for more information or click here to check out their website. “Like” Belardinelli Tire on Facebook by clicking here.


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