Gilleoghan’s Dancers Take Home Numerous Awards at New England Oireachtas 2011

Gilleoghan’s Dancers Take Home Numerous Awards at New England Oireachtas 2011

2011 North American Championships Nashville, TN. Photo credit: Gilleoghan Irish Dance

Gilleoghan Irish Dancers have something be very proud of- winning 16 awards at last weekend’s  36th Annual New England Oireachtas 2011, held in Providence, Rhode Island. The dancers were led by award-winning instructors Philip Owens and Terry Gillan. Gillan also serves as the Regional Director for the Irish Dance Association of New England.

Gilleoghan’s dancers had to meet certain requirements to compete which are as follows:

1. Competitors must be a Prize Winner Dancer for all solo dances and must have placed 1st in Prizewinner competitions in a soft shoe dance (Reel or Slip Jig) and first in a hard shoe dance (Heavy Jig or Hornpipe). The only exception to this is in Under 8 and 9, which is at the teacher’s discretion.

2. Dancers must be registered with a dancing school who’s teacher(s) is/are members in good standing with An Coimisiún, IDTANA and IDTANE.

3. Teachers registering dancers in the Oireachtas must have no outstanding assessments against them.

4. Dancer must be resident in New England.

The following is a list of Gilleoghan’s winners:


Nora Rose Aherne, 1st place, Girls Under 10

Jillian Collins, 1st place, Girls Under 9

Matt Mulvey, 1st place, Men Over 20

Ryan Murphy, 3rd place, Boys Under 18

Colin Vecciariello, 1st place, Boys Under 12

Bridget Teeking, 5th place, Girls Under 18

Brianna Aherne, 2nd place, Girls Under 15

Marie Ann Benton, 23rd place, Girls Under 15

Caitlin Teeking, 2nd place, Girls Under 14

Clare Aherne, 3rd place, Girls Under 14

Julia Murphy, 6th place, Girls Under 14

Kassie Seavy, 33rd place, Girls Under 14

Greco, Nicole, 9th place, Girls Under 13

Whaley, Maura, 20th place, Girls Under 13


Lynn, Meaghan, 8th, Girls Under 11

Cunningham, Bridget, 2nd place, Ladies 20 & Over

Cardell, Carolyn, 2nd place, Traditional Set Under 9

Bach, Rory, 8th place, Traditional Set Under 10

Kager, Bridget, 3rd place, Traditional Set Under 10

Vizi, Aidan, 7th place, Traditional Set Under 11

Keating, Courtney, 7th place, Traditional Set Under 17

Thorne, Hali, 3rd place, Girls Under 17

Stevens, Kate, 23rd place, Girls Under 17

Teeking, Megan, 11th place, Girls Under 16


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