“Time Out With Kevin Gallagher” Producer Seeks Viewer’s Help For Election Show

“Time Out With Kevin Gallagher” Producer Seeks Viewer’s Help For Election Show

Time Out Productions News Release, sent by Kevin Gallagher, Time Out Producer–

Time-out’s election night show which has covered Greater Danbury’s election results in every municipal election year since 1999 traditionally reports election results live from 8 pm when the polls close, till 10 pm or later depending on how quickly the final election results are tallied. This year, due to several unprecedented circumstances, Time Out’s election night show will only air until 9:30 pm due to a programming conflict with another community access show that airs from 9:30 pm to 10 pm. Through the years, Comcast subscribers have become accustomed to watching the Election Night show to get local election results along with unbiased political analysis from various guest panelists. Notable past panelists have included the late former mayor of Danbury, Jim Dyer.

In previous years, Comcast’s Community Access Coordinator, Dave King, has reserved the Election Night Programming Slot for the Live broadcast of the election night show which prevented any potential conflicts with other shows that normally air that evening. However for unknown reasons, Mr. King did not reserve the election night time period for this year’s edition of Time Out Election Night Live as he has always done in previous years.

As a result, Time Out’s producer, Mr. Kevin Gallagher has been forced to ask fellow Community Access producers who air shows during the 2 hour time slot to kindly relinquish their programming slots in the interest of providing a public service. All producers with the exception of the producers of Practical Talk Time, Sandra Wrobel and Usha Kumar have refused to relinquish their 9:30 pm – 10 pm time slot. The inability to broadcast election results after 9:30 pm is a disservice to Comcast subscribers in the greater Danbury area since most of the election results are not reported until 9:30 pm and beyond.

Due to this unprecedented development, Mr. Gallagher urges Comcast subscribers and loyal Election Night viewers to call Dave King, Comcast’s Community Access Coordinator, and request that he intervene and do what he’s always done in the past. Along with calling Mr. King, Kevin Gallagher also suggests that viewers contact the two previously mentioned producers to urge them to also relinquish their time slot in the interests of serving the public’s best interests.

Comcast Community Access Coordinator: Dave King: 203-792-1265

Practical Talk Time Producer: Sandra Wrobel: 203-746-7172

Practical Talk Time Producer & Host: Usha Kumar: 203-792-8771

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