Walnut Hill Community Church Shows Giving Spirit in Aftermath of Storm

Walnut Hill Community Church Shows Giving Spirit in Aftermath of Storm

A local family enjoys the free pasta dinner provided by Walnut Hill Community church on Tuesday evening. Photo Credit: Lisa Siedlicki

In keeping with their mission of “praying, living, giving and loving,” Walnut Hill Community Church opened their doors Tuesday to locals for a free pasta dinner in the aftermath of Storm Alfred. Very well-known for their worldwide and community missions, it was only natural for the church to provide this free service after such widespread devastation.

Pastor Jim Bray, Pastor of Care to Men, said the idea came about when staff members were talking about how many people were impacted. “Several staff members started thinking of the possibility of providing the dinner and it began to resonate across the church,” Bray said.

“We realized that the longer this crisis goes on, the more difficult it is for individuals and families to communicate. With the extreme temperatures it is very difficult for them to live without heat and water.”

Sandro Mesquita, a New Fairfield resident, regularly attends the multi-cultural service at Walnut Hill and was very happy the church decided to provide the free services for residents.

“I think it’s a wonderful thing that they’re doing to reach out to the community. Part of being the body of Christ is to reach out to people not only when times are good, but particularly when times are bad. The Bible says to true religion is to visit the widow and the orphan in their time of need and this is the perfect opportunity to reflect Christ’s love in a very concrete and needed manner,” Mesquita said.

That love was reflected with smiles and jokes from volunteers as they served families homemade meatballs, pasta, macaroni and cheese, salad and bread. On a typical Tuesday night the church normally has a men’s Bible study and prayer group, which also includes dinner. The men who usually put on the meal were willing to come in early and prepare for 350 guests. In the first hour alone the church served over 150 guests.

While local residents spent the day charging laptops, cell phones and enjoying the warmth inside of Windows Café, the church’s new coffeehouse, kids had fun watching free movies on the big screen. The café serves Land of a Thousand Hills coffee, a company that partners with farming co-ops in Rwanda. Workers produce 100% naturally grown Arabica beans. By purchasing their product, Walnut Hill enables the workers on the farms not only to make a fair wage, but to reconcile relationships torn apart by the 1994 genocide. For more information on how the coffee company helps Rwandans, visit www.drinkcoffeedogood.com.

Walnut Hill Community Church will offer the free pasta dinner again Wednesday evening from 5:00-7:00 pm., and possibly Thursday as well. Windows Café will be open Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. to charge laptops and cell phones. For more information about Walnut Hill Community Church please visit their website. Become a fan on their Facebook page by clicking here to stay up-to-date on their events.

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