Bethel Women’s Club Presents $500 Check to Vets House

Bethel Women’s Club Presents $500 Check to Vets House

Bethel Women's Club member Kathy Aiello, co-president Elaine Mc Cormack and co-president Bonnie Clark present Paul Valeri with a check for $500 for the Vet's House in Danbury.

On Tuesday members of the Bethel Women’s Club presented a check for $500 to the Vet’s House in Danbury. Paul Valeri runs the house, along with Dale Brown, the house manager and many volunteers. The Vet’s House gives 10 homeless veterans a safe place to live, counseling and a chance to get back on their feet. Valeri is a Vietnam Vet and the president of the Non-Profit Development Corporation of Danbury, Inc.

“Our charge since 1980 is to provide affordable housing,” Valeri said. The Vet’s House is a project of the Non-Profit Development Corporation of Danbury, Inc.

“Our objective is to prepare them to move to a permanent home after 2 years. We provide them with housing, skills, counseling and group sessions.”

The Vet’s House began in 2009 after Valeri and his wife heard a speaker from the Veteran’s Administration speak about special grants that offer per diem programs for veterans.

“I became well aware of seeing vets on the streets. We wanted to give them safe, secure housing, food and help them have a place where they can stop and catch their breath get full support so they can move on with their life,” Valeri said.

The veterans live in the house for 2 years and must be clean and sober for 30 days prior to moving in. No visitors are allowed. Veterans range in age. A current vet who lives in the house is 25-years-old.

“He was in Afghanistan and saw the worst of the worst. When I was in Vietnam at least we knew who the enemy was so we could prepare. He saw his buddies killed right next to him. That can really mess you up,” Valenti said.

The Co-presidents of the Bethel Women’s Club, Bonnie Clark and Elaine McCormack, along with BWC member Kathy Aiello presented the check to Paul Valeri on Tuesday. The money was raised from their sale of “Flags on the Green.” Last month they presented Bethel Social Services with a check for $500 to help with their back-to-school supply needs.

The BWC chose the Vet’s House because the women are  actively involved in helping veterans through the program they run called Vet’s Oasis. The program provides returning veterans with a safe haven on college campuses across Connecticut. Click here for more information.

To find out more about the Bethel Women’s Club contact Elaine McCormack at:

For more information about Vet’s House contact Paul Valeri at 203-792-3888.



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