Democratic Canvas Kicks Off Saturday With Door-to-Door Campaign

Democratic Canvas Kicks Off Saturday With Door-to-Door Campaign

Arleen Pedone, Don Goodrich and Board of Finance Democratic candidate Patricia Smithwick stand in front of the large flag at Democratic headquarters Friday evening, after preparing handouts for the Democratic campaign kickoff on Saturday.

The Democratic Town Committee and candidates for office ready themselves for their official campaign kickoff Saturday morning.  Volunteers and candidates, armed with campaign literature, will meet at the Democratic headquarters Saturday morning for a pep talk and street assignments before they head out to canvas neighborhoods.

Volunteers came out Friday evening to prepare pamphlets and bags to hand out to Bethel residents. Saturday at 10:00 a.m. they will gather, along with Democratic candidates, for the first official walk to share their platform with voters. Volunteers are welcome to assist in the campaign.

According to their handout, the Democratic party pledges the following to the citizens of Bethel:

~To let YOU vote on the full Road Recovery Project

~To support our seniors by restoring funding for Meals On Wheels, Regional Hospice and other essential services

~To work with the Board of Selectmen on Bethel’s 5-year Capital Plan to protect your investments in town buildings and schools, reduce debt and establish sound fiscal policies

~To work with and respect all Boards and Commissions

Democratic candidates for re-election First Selectman Matthew Knickerbocker and Selectman Richard Straiton hope to clinch their re-election by reminding voters what they accomplished from 2008 up until now:

~Secured funding for Phase-1 of the Road Recovery Project

~Relocated Bethel Teen Center to a new temporary space at no cost to taxpayers

~Created a new Economic Outreach Commission to bring business and shoppers back to Bethel

~Opened Bethel’s first downtown farmer’s market

~Put the Bethel Public Library renovation back on schedule

~Restored civility and cooperation within Bethel’s town government

With their commitment of “Leadership and experience working for you,” Knickerbocker, Straiton and the rest of the slate of Democratic candidates set out to share how they plan to accomplish that goal.

Democratic candidates for Board of Finance, Eileen Freebairn, Patricia Smithwick and Claudia Stephan  are “Financial Professionals with decades of business experience,” according to their campaign flyer.

Their flyer also states: “If you’re tired of the politics, if you want a Board of Finance that will respect your wishes, there is a better alternative.”

The Democratic headquarters is located at 110 Greenwood Ave., in the plaza next to O’Neil’s Restaurant. All are welcome to come out for the campaign kick-off.


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  1. I read one of your aims is to bring civility and cooperation back to town government. You have been in for two years and your administration is not yet civil and cooperative with others ? That show’s that your administration isn’t too good at getting things done in a fashionable time.

  2. I see what has taken place in 2008 and 2009 you have taken credit for. I thought Burke was in office then.

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