Cheerleaders Organize Car Wash For BMS Student Battling Cancer

Cheerleaders Organize Car Wash For BMS Student Battling Cancer

"Team Jaxx," photo contributed.

On Sunday, September 25th, St. Mary’s School student Anastasia DeLuca, along with her cheerleading team at  Champion All Stars, is holding a charity car wash. The car wash will benefit Bethel Middle School student Jaxxon Reed, who has been battling cancer.

The day after Thanksgiving in 2006, Jaxxon complained to his mother that his head was burning, according to a press release from Spirit Nationals. The next day Jaxxon was in surgery for a malignant brain tumor, Neuroblastoma. The surgery was followed my numerous rounds of chemotherapy at Yale‐New Haven Hospital. In February of 2008 medicine was approved and administered to Jaxxon. By June of 2008 Jaxxon, his mother Kim and his sister Lexxi moved into the Ronald McDonald house in New York City. Click here to article in New York Post.

Kim home-schooled both of her children at the Ronald McDonald House while Jaxxon was being treated at Memorial Sloan‐Kettering Cancer Center. Jaxxon continued his treatment plan until his release nearly a year later. Jaxxon is now an eighth grader living in Bethel and has been cancer-free for 3 years.

For the past 5 years, Champion All Stars of Danbury has been helping Jaxxon and his family through fundraisers and support. For the past 3 years Spirit All‐Stars of Hamden has also helped the Reeds. Together they have raised well over $20,000.

This Sunday, September 25th, Champion All Stars will hold the car wash from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at Bethel Automotive, 214 Greenwood Avenue.  Donations will be accepted.

For more information click here or call 798-8656.


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