Animal Control Seeks Homes For Abandoned Kittens & Dogs

Animal Control Seeks Homes For Abandoned Kittens & Dogs

Earlier this week Bethel Animal Control Officer Steven Shanley reported that someone abandoned a family of cats at the front door of the animal shelter. They are hoping someone reading this article will find a place in their hearts and homes for this family of 7 cats and some of the other pets that they have up for adoption.

“It’s tough to find homes for pets in this economy,” Shanley said.

“A lot of people can’t afford it or can only handle one pet.”

The mother of the abandoned cat family is a two-year-old Calico. There are 2 six-week-old Calico female kittens and 4 eight-week-old kittens. Three of the kittens are orange and white with “tiger stripes” and one is a black-and-white “Tuxedo” kitten.

Animal Control also is seeking homes for  a Persian cat who they say is “very calm and easy-going.”

If cats are not your preference, the shelter also has 3 dogs that are available for adoption. A one-year-old black male American Staffordshire Terrier was fond roaming the streets of Bethel and has not been claimed. He is very playful, loves attention and is full of energy.

ANother Terrier, this one a Brindle Staffordshire Terrier. He was found tied to a tree in the front yard of the shelter. He loves human interaction and playing with other dogs. Take him for daily walks and he’ll be your best friend for life!

A young male tri-colored beagle was found roaming the streets of Bethel and has not been claimed. He is very calm and loves going for walks.

Each of these abandoned pets are in need of a permanent place to call home. Won’t you consider bringing one of them home?

For more information about adopting one of these pets please email Officer Steven Shanley at or call the shelter at 203-778-7424.

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