Anonymous Person Places Hundreds of American Flags Around Stony Hill Area

Anonymous Person Plants Hundreds of American Flags Around Stony Hill Area

~By Wendy Mitchell

A small American flag on the lawn of a home on Evergreen Drive in Bethel. Hundreds were placed early Sunday morning on the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks.

Hundreds of Stony Hill and Chimney Heights residents awoke to a patriotic display on their front lawn Sunday morning on the 10th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Looking down Evergreen Drive, Cedar Drive and many roads in the Chimney Heights area sat rows of the flags lining the lawns of Bethel residents. Attached to the flag was a small business card that read as follows:

September, 11, 2001

“We fly our flag in their honor.”

10 years and we still remember….every family who still grieves the loss of a loved one….every rescuer who died honorably in the line of duty…every soldier who fights to protect our liberty & freedom.

“We Will Never Forget.”

A volunteer firefighter with the Stony Hill Fire Department said there were about 20 flags on the lawn of the ffirehouse. A Bethel resident said she heard about 750 flags were placed, mainly in the Stony Hill part of Bethel. There was no name or telephone number on the cards or flags, just an anonymous message telling us to “Never Forget.”

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