First Selectman’s Storm Update, 9/4

First Selectman’s Storm Update, 9/4

As of Sunday, August 4th at 6:00am, CL&P reports power restored to 98.5% of Bethel’s 8,290 electric customers.

This still leaves about 126 Bethel households without power.  CL&P has advised us, unfortunately, that it could take a few days longer to clear these remaining outages.  The company explained that in a few areas they face more complex technical challenges, such as underground damage, which take longer to repair.  There may also be situations where power has been restored to the neighborhood, but possible damage at the connection or even inside individual homes will have to be located and repaired.

Everyone who is still without power is encouraged to stay in contact with CL&P directly at 800-826-2000 to get a time estimate for repair.

The Bethel Municipal Center will be open today from 9:00am to 2:00pm for water and hot showers.

CL&P just released the following Q and A guide to municipal officials:

Our only focus is on restoring power to our customers. Restoration work continues 24 hours a day until all customers are back. 

We are on target to meet our restoration goals. 

Work crews have identified several instances of backfeeds and there are also reports of private tree companies cutting trees without first checking for downed wires. 

– Customers using generators should be aware that any generator should be installed by a licensed electrician. If not installed properly, generators could backfeed into our system and cause injury to our crews and/or customers 
– Downed wires should always be considered live. As we are re-energizing lines, there is the possibility that downed lines that were previously made safe could become live again. 

Frequently Asked Questions
1. You are telling me that they are working on my street, but do not see them. Why? 
Crews may be working on related equipment further up the road or nearby that feeds electricity to your equipment. It’s also possible that the circuit feeding your street is located miles away or in a different town. Remember, there are hundreds of mutual aid crews working with CL&P on this restoration effort, so you may not see a CL&P truck – there are trucks in various sizes and colors from many different companies. 

2. There is power to my left and right, but I do not have it.
There many be an issue with your individual service wire or if you are running a generator, the switchover did not occur; please report your outage by calling 800-286-2000 or online at

3. I see trucks sitting idle for an hour instead of working.
They could be waiting for repairs to be completed on related equipment before they can finish their repair or they could be waiting for a tree crew to clear trees from related equipment. The crew could also be waiting for their next assignment. Please be assured that all resources are being deployed to restore power as quickly and safely as possible. 

4. The town leader has specific information. Why can’t you make that available to the media? 
CL&P works to provide community officials with a proper understanding of the work necessary to restore power to all community residents, and how/when that work is proceeding. We provide this information so that community officials can assist crews in restoring power. We provide, publicly, general information about expected restoration for each town, but we do not share detailed information regarding streets or neighborhoods without power, in order to protect the privacy and security of residents.


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