Attention Parents! Bus Route Updates!

From the office of the Superintendent:
First Student bus company has once again driven and surveyed the roads for the purposes of updating the routes that school buses can take.  The following was noted as of Thursday afternoon:
1)  Codfish Hill Road coming from Wolf Pits Road can only travel as far as Twin Maple and will turn around there.
2)  Wolf Pits Road is closed at Route 302.  Bus will access Wolf Pits Road from Route 58 and travel as far as Buckboard Ridge Road.
3)  Whippoorwill Road from Spring Hill Lane to Gretchen Lane remains inaccessible to school buses.  Closest stop is Whippoorwill Road at Spring Hill Lane.  (Crews currently working at the site.)
4) Taylor Avenue is closed.  Bus stop is at Taylor and Nashville.
5) Nashville Road Extension is closed.  Bus stop will be at Nashville Road and Nashville Road Extension.  (Crews currently working on site.)
6) Meadow Lane at Ridge Road is not accessible.  Stop will be at Meadow and Vail or Long Hill and Ridge Road.
7) Sky Edge between Chimney and Ridgedale is not accessible.  Bus will get as close as possible.
8) Oak Ridge Road from Walnut Hill Road is not accessible.  Bus stop will be at Laughlin Road.
For questions: Bus company phone number is 203-748-8091.

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  1. Nashville Rd Ext is open. Do you know if busses will be going down it?

  2. The altered bus routes were posted yesterday—>

    It says 4) Taylor Avenue is closed. Bus stop is at Taylor and Nashville.
    5) Nashville Road Extension is closed. Bus stop will be at Nashville Road and Nashville Road Extension. (Crews currently working on site.)

    Bus company # has been busy all morning 203-748-8091 to verify.

  3. Bus company said: Nashville Road is now open & buses have been going up & down it. Nashville Rd Ext & Taylor are still closed.

  4. We drove up Nashville Rd. Ext last night and it was clear. (from Nashville Rd. to Nashville rd ext to Long Meadow lane)

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