Bus Routes May Be Temporarily Altered Due To Downed Trees [UPDATED 2:00pm]

According to the Board of Education’s recent posting on their website, school bus routes may be altered due to downed trees still blocking roads. See below for more information:


From the Bethel Board of Education:

Power has been restored to the school buildings.  We will hold our first day of classes on Thursday, September 1.  This day will remain on the early dismissal schedule.  The dismissal times are as follows:

High School     12:15
Middle School  12:56
Johnson School  1:00
Rockwell School  1:40
Berry School  1:40
As of 12:00 p.m. Wednesday, there are currently road closures in the following locations:
Chestnut Ridge at #170 (Before the Nashville Extension)
Codfish Hill Extension at Jacklin Road
Nashville Road Extension
Nashville Road near Nashville Extension
Putnam Park Road between Route 302 and Hoyts Hill Road
Taylor Avenue near the sharp bend in road
Winesap Run at #32
Glenwood Drive
McNeil Road at Stony Hill Road
Sunset Hill Road at Jacobs Lane
Hoyts Hill  by #302
Because crews are working, these closures can change.  Road closures mean that bus routes in these areas will be altered.  First Student will do their best to maintain planned bus routes; however, if you realize that it is unlikely that a bus can make it to your child’s normal pickup spot, they can utilize a nearby bus stop (if they can get to it safely) or please make other arrangements to transport your child. There will be no penalty assessed for non-attendance. 
We have been asked to have all parents remind children to stay away from downed trees.
Those parents who use after-school day care facilities, please make sure that they are fully operating and accepting children on Thursday.  This means that you will need to make sure your child understands what bus he/she must ride if the normal day care provider is not open.
Thank you for your patience during this ordeal.  We have worked with the First Selectmen, his staff, and CL&P representatives to make the schools safe and operational.  It has also taken time to make a full assessment of current road closures so that we can provide accurate information.
Editor’s Note: The secretary at the Board of Education, Barbara Donaghy, advised Bethel Buzz this morning at 10:38am that there will be school tomorrow, Thursday. The bus company confirmed this as well.  The Board of Ed also stated that hot lunches and food temperatures will be fine and parents should not worry. The Board of Ed will send out an automated telephone message this evening confirming this.
[UPDATE 2:00 pm] IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE FIRST SELECTMAN: “Superintendent of Schools Dr. Gary Chesley confirmed this afternoon that the first day of school for the Bethel Public School system will be tomorrow, September 1st, with the early dismissal schedule in effect. Any parents who may not have received the automated school announcement voice mail and need additional information are encouraged to call the Board of Education office at 203-794-8601.”

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