Storm Damage Town Update: From The First Selectman

Storm Damage Town Update: From The First Selectman

Wolfpits Road storm damage, photo by Erica Noe

First Selectman Matthew Knickerbocker said at the height of the storm, 17 Bethel roads were shut down due to downed trees and/or power lines.

As of 5:10 p.m. Sunday Wolfpits Road is still shut down.

Knickerbocker said most roads have been reopened. Route 53 at the railroad bridge is flooded.  Plumtrees Road is closed north of Walnut Hill due to a tree that fell and hit a house causing a small fire that was put out fairly quickly.

“CL&P is just now arriving on the scene at Plumtrees. They were waiting until it was safe for their crews to go out. The Highway Department has a list of priority roads to be worked on and CL&P working through the evening to clear those,” Knickerbocker said.

Town Hall phones are still down due to an issue with AT&T, according to Knickerbocker. He will have a better estimate on when they will be restored tomorrow morning and believes they went down due to flooding.

“The phones were working this morning but went down at about 8:30a.m. this morning [Sunday]. They were out on Thursday and Friday. There is an underground junction by the railroad tracks near Nicky’s Barber Shop that flooded. Last time it took out phones it took 2 days to restore and the time before that it took 8 days,” Knickerbocker said.

An automated message is going out alerting staff not to report to school Monday. Parents should check the school website and their email to see if the first day of school is delayed. Announcements will be posted on the school website as well as the local radio and TV news stations including 95.1 FM, 98.3 FM and WLAD. Click here for school delays and cancellations.

The First Selectman is cautioning anyone out driving to “Be very careful. It is still very windy. Don’t drive around blocked off roads because there could be downed wires.”

[UPDATE] 6:36 p.m.: From Tom Galliford, Bethel Office of Emergency Management: We are working with CL&P to establish a priority list of areas to make safe and restore power. Bethel is experiencing, like most other towns, over 50% without electricity. Please be patient. Power restoration is our number one priority at this time.

Some of main routes still closed at 630pm: Plumtrees btwn Walnut Hill and Taylor. Wolfpits @ 302, Taylor Rd by #24, Chestnut Ridge Rd by @ 170, Nashville Rd by Rte 53, rte 53 at train bridge, Codfish by Jacklin, Wolfpits by Sunset Hill. Route 58 btwn Hoyts Hill and 302 one lane and DANGEROUS.

Greenwood ave by Andrew St-1 Lane, Taylor Ave closed. This list is not 100%. We advise residents to stay away from any downed power lines- you can not tell if they are energized! Several people have been warned to stay away!


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