Summertime Centerpieces

Summertime Centerpieces ~ By Wendy Mitchell

For your warm-weather dinner parties or for a burst of summer color, use seasonal blooms from your garden to perk up your space inside and out. Choose flowers that reflect the mood or theme of your party or home.

For a casual feel, use colorful bandanas stitched together as a table runner and place your arrangements and centerpieces on top.  Cut other colorful bandanas into strips, tie together, and tie around vases or buckets for added flare.

For a little more formal centerpiece, go monochromatic and keep it simple. Pair white lilies with white roses and use simple greens and tall thin branches for support in a clear glass vase.

For a themed event such as a beach party, use sea shells or sliced citrus fruits to line the bottom of the floral containers for summer color.  Use fishing net for a table runner and top with colorful sea glass, shells, and sea grass.

Some of my favorite summer blossoms include…


Hydrangeas always remind me of Cape Cod, the beautiful blues and purples lining the lawns of the cozy cottages by the beach are charming and fragrant.  When using in a centerpiece soak the flower heads upside-down in cool water for about twenty minutes. Shake off excess water and arrange as desired.


Nothing says summer like bright, beautiful sunflowers.  These huge, eye-catching flowers only bloom completely during the summer. They are great for big and elaborate arrangements when cut tall or a simple, bright arrangement when cut shorter.


These pretty and simple blooms represent innocence and look great in any arrangement or simply by themselves.


These fragrant blooms are appealing to look at and give off a wonderful, long-lasting smell.


Snapdragons make beautiful cut flowers. They work wonderfully in a tall, slim vase.

Arranging summer flowers can be fun and easy if you keep it simple and follow these easy steps:


1.      Choose your theme. Staying all one color or different shades of similar colors works well in summertime floral arranging.  Consider the theme of your gathering or color scheme of the room to place the arrangement in.

2.      Choose your container.  Use non-traditional containers for a great conversation starter.  An aluminum ice bucket, an old-fashioned milk bottle, or a large brandy glass makes perfect containers for your summer bouquets. Using floral sponge and a tall cake stand also makes for a stand-out, eye-catching centerpiece.

3.      Gather your tools.  Use garden clippers to cut stems at an angle while running them under cold water.  Cutting with scissors can snap the stems improperly and cause the flower to have a shorter life.

4.      Gather some sturdy greens or branches for structural support. Using thin twigs and tree branches forms a backbone to support more delicate stems. Make small slits along the branches to allow for water absorption.

5.      Choose your focal flowers.  Use a large, tall or colorful flower for the focal point of your arrangement.  The eye will naturally be drawn to this first and then you can build around it to compliment its natural beauty.

6.      Choose your filler flowers. Add a few filler flowers such as sweet peas to soften the bright blooms in your summer arrangement.

7.      Add your signature touch.  Whether it’s a peacock feather, a pussywillow branch, a patterned ribbon, a butterfly or dragonfly from a craft store, adding a signature touch in your arrangements adds a colorful, whimsical signature.

Whatever you decide on, be creative and make it your own.  Make the most of your summer blossoms by filling the spaces in your house, and using as centerpieces throughout the summer. They will brighten your rooms and brighten your mood as well.

Check out your local flower shop for more beautiful blooms and summertime arrangements.


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