News From the First Selectman

From the office of the First Selectman, Matthew Knickerbocker.

There are quite a few important projects underway this summer.  The following is a short update on several.  As always, please feel free to give my office a call if you have any questions.

Old Hawleyville Road repaving:  This project began last summer and is complete except for the short narrow section just south of the Plumtrees Road intersection.  This area will be widened to conform with the width of the rest of the road and will be completed later this summer.

There were several reasons it could not be done at the same time as the rest of Old Hawleyville:

  • The town did not own the property in the location where it is to be widened.  Negotiations to acquire the easements took until this past winter, and no work could begin on that section until spring.
  • Once the easement was secured, extensive tree removal was needed.  This step is now complete.
  • The final phase before widening and completing the road requires several AT&T utility poles to be moved.  The town can not proceed until AT&T completes this step.  Once that is done, that small section will be completed.

As a reminder, 100% of the cost of the Old Hawleyville repaving was provided by a Federal ARRA grant.

Safe Routes to Schools:  In 2007, the town won a grant to provide safe sidewalks to the school complex, and this project is finally under way.  The Safe Routes sidewalk will run from the corner of Hickok Avenue down along Maple to the intersection with Whittlesey Drive.  Work to move the underground utilities along Maple in preparation of sidewalk construction is now underway.  This project should be complete before winter, weather permitting.

Old Train Station Parking Lot:  The lot has been completely repaved, at no cost to Bethel taxpayers!  This project is a separate project, not part of the $2 million Road Recovery Plan.  Funding for parking lot improvements comes from rent payments from the business that occupies the Old Station.

Road Recovery:  Road reconstruction is proceeding quickly.  Far Horizon, Green Pasture and Quaker Ridge have been resurfaced and will be completed when the new curbs are installed.  The month of July will see reconstruction of Walnut Hill and Weed roads.

Watch the town website for further updates on the remaining roads in the 2011 summer plan.



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