BEF Summer Kick-Off at Rockwell


If anyone thought the storms and rain yesterday would dampen Bethel’s spirits, they were wrong! I arrived at the Summer Kick-Off to the pleasure of seeing a swarm of kids and parents running around the Rockwell field. It was incredibly well-attended, despite the previous heavy rains and occasional drizzles that persisted through the afternoon.

“Dr Jan” did palm readings for those curious enough to want to know what the weird wrinkly lines on their hands meant.  Others had temporary tattoos put on and animals or shapes painted on their faces. Those looking for a quick snack found the popcorn and cotton candy very quickly and Billy’s Barbecue provided more substantial fare. The Southern-style pulled pork sandwiches and cups of beans were very popular, with pizza also being provided.

On the Rockwell field, games were set up – a volleyball and soccer game were in progress when I arrived and a T-ball game was soon started. There was also an obstacle course and of course the popular Rockwell playground equipment. Karate America gave a safety demonstration, and teachers and parents were “dunked” with huge water balloons at the Dunking Station.

What was wonderful was seeing the different ages playing together. Children ranging from 6-12 were playing together in the soccer game. Girls and boys playing on the same team. Parents were getting involved and smiles were seen all around.

The BEF did a fantastic job, even jumping in and helping out at Billy’s Barbecue when the line became too long! Bethel is an amazing town that really enjoys these opportunities to come together, irrespective of age, and this was so evident at this function yesterday by the sheer number of people who turned out despite the weather.


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