DAWS Desperately Seeks Foster Homes

DAWS Kitties Need You! Photo Credit: DAWS

DAWS is desperately seeking Foster Moms and Dads to become foster parents for kittens.  Foster parents are needed to provide temporary homes for cats and  kittens in their own homes.

Some of the kittens only need about two weeks of care, while others may need to stay at the foster home for up to two months. By becoming a foster parent to these needy pets you help prepare the animal for adoption into a permanent home.

DAWS Foster Mom Fran Hendrickson said “One of the joys of fostering is to see kittens or puppies grow and learn. From the first eyes on the world to the first staggering steps, to learning to play with toys and run and wrestle, these babies are a constant source of surprise and comic actions.”

Hendrickson said sometimes the need begins with a single kitten found without a mother, a pregnant cat left to fend for herself or a whole litter of orphaned kittens  or puppies in desperate need. Whatever the case, the need is urgent.

Some of the neglected animals need a new permanent home but are too scared by the noise at the shelter. Sending these frightened pets to a temporary foster home provides a safe and loving environment for the dogs or cats until they have a permanent place to call home.

The requirements to become a foster parent to a DAWS animal in need are as follows:

At least one person in the household must be 21 years or older and a homeowner, or have approval from their landlord. An application to foster is provided by DAWS and, upon application and approval, the DAWS foster coordinator discusses with the foster parent the appropriate type and age of animal and the projected amount of care best handled by the new home.

Joanna Foley is DAWS’ newly hired Foster Care Coordinator. For more information, email  Joanna at joanna.foley@daws.org.


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