Road Repaving

Road Repaving ~ By Wendy Mitchell

Out and about in my travels the subject of road repaving has come up more than once. It  seems to be the hot topic subject at the moment.

Here are some comments on the topic:

“Wow, a new paved parking lot for the Bike Shop and big pot holes on our streets. Glad my taxes went up.”

“Love how the Town of Bethel paves the bike shop parking lot. Have you driven in Chimney Heights lately?” 

“How about Reservoir Street? I totally go out of my way to go home, so I can avoid ruining my tires! I thought the same thing when I passed it tonight! You pave a parking lot before a street?” 

“It doesn’t appear that anything has been done – although it was promised to be done a few weeks ago. That being said, we were also told that Old Hawleyville Road was going to be done early last year and it was done in late Fall!” 

“I know of a parking lot that is town owned that needs work very badly; the YMCA of Bethel. That lot is so bad you have to pull out really slow in order to not bottom out your car, while also not getting hit from Grassy Plain. The lot is bad throughout the entire thing, when I pick my daughter up it feels like my car is going to fall apart and it is a new car! I think Hawleyville needs to be completed, as well as that side road behind Stony Hill Fire Department. That road is BAD! Now this is only my opinion but I am sure any other parent will agree with me as far as the Y parking lots goes.”

As we see here from the comments, road repaving is a very important issue right now.  Scouring Bethel’s town website there are no current updates on the schedule of road repaving.  Residents want to know when the potholes in front of their driveway, business, daycare or the roads regularly travel on will be fixed.

Here’s what Bethel’s First Selectman, Matthew Knickerbocker said on the topic Friday:

“For the last several weeks we [the Town of Bethel] have been preparing the roads for paving. We have been working on Far Horizon, Quaker Ridge Road and Green Pasture. Crews have been working on easements and drainage. We have been working with Comcast, AT&T and United Water, cutting trees, working on wiring, rerouting drainage, all in preparation for the upcoming paving work that will be done soon.

The parking lot where Bethel Cycle is, is town-owned. We bought asphalt in bulk to get the best price and that is being done in conjunction with other projects. It is not just to benefit Bethel Cycle. It will benefit all businesses down there, The Putnam House, The Spot, Nicky’s and lots more. 

That parking lot should have been done years ago because water was backing up into the old train station and creating rot. If Bethel Cycle didn’t go in, the building would have probably had to be condemned.  We have a “Quit Deed” with the state that requires the town to take any rent on the property and use it toward the repairs, without using a penny of taxpayer’s money. 

Residents and businesses on Greenwood Avenue should know that any potholes in front of their driveways should be called into the State Department of Transportation. Greenwood Ave [also Route 302] is state owned and the town is not responsible for any repairs on it. However, we are willing to help residents facilitate any potholes or repair work being done by calling for them. All they have to do is call in the problem to the Department of Public Works at (203) 794-8549.

Next on the list for paving is Walnut Hill Road from June 21-30 and Weed Road on July 1. The rain has been holding up a lot of the paving and the town is doing their best to work when they can.

As always, residents are encouraged to call my office for any problems and we will do the best we can to help.”

To call in a pothole on your road dial (203)794- 8549. To contact the office of the First Selectman, Matthew Knickerbocker, call (203)794-8501.

Editor’s note: The First Selectman will provide an updated paving schedule to Bethel Buzz shortly.


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