Hello Bethel!

David Gesualdi, statue sculptor, poses with Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey clowns.

Hello Bethel! ~ By Wendy Mitchell

Welcome to Bethel Buzz, your newest local online news source for all things Bethel!

Bethel Buzz will serve not only as a current news and information site that will be updated many times throughout the day, but also as an escape from the rigors of your desk job. Hop onto the site for a little light-hearted humor, a heartwarming story about local volunteers, or  read about all of the many interesting and eclectic artists and residents in our town.

Each week expect to find news from the First Selectman’s office, the public schools, news from the Bethel Chamber, D.A.W.S., and may civic groups and organizations such as the Bethel Women’s Club, Garden Club, Lion’s Club, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and much more!

Categories on Bethel Buzz will include:

Local Buzz: News from the First Selectman, the Democratic & Republican parties

Biz Buzz: Local business news

School Buzz: News from each of our schools from student reporters

Life Buzz: Home, Garden, Cooking, Arts & Entertainment

Eco Buzz: News about non-profits & charities that help our natural resources

The Bee’s Knees: Outstanding citizens & civic groups in our community

Baby Buzz: Parenting

Queen Bees: Local working women

Yellow Jackets: Fire &  EMT news

The Sting: Police news

Please feel free to e-mail any news tips and story ideas to Bethel Buzz News editor, Wendy Mitchell at ctbuzznews@gmail.com or call 203-826-7194. Thanks & keep spreadin’ the BUZZ!


About Bethel Buzz

Bethel Buzz is your go-to source for the latest news, happenings and events in Bethel. Our site is cutting edge and informative, with the mission of giving small businesses, non-profits and civic organizations in Bethel a voice and exposure online.

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  1. This is a Great way for us former Bethelites to keep in the know of what’s going on in our hometown.

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